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I’m writing this after Barbara Vey’s Reader Appreciation Luncheon…which was a full weekend this time! As always, I had a fabulous time. And I must give special thanks to my children who dressed me quite stylishly. *grin* If you want to see pictures, check out this page: 

Here’s a couple of my own pictures from the event. Authors are Sheila English, Jocie McKade, Karen Rose, and moi in yellow. And here’s my Sunday morning table demonstrating our prehensile lips. Yup, we had a great discussion about grizzly bear prehensile lips and had to do it, too! 

Now to the sad news of my death. Yes, indeed, Tonya Kappes killed me. Last year we agreed to put each other in our books. I wanted to be murdered in hers. She wanted to be boobalicious in mine. One of us followed through. The other, maybe because she’s dead, accidentally forgot. In my defense, I did try to put a well endowed courtesan in my Regency era historical, but Tonya Kappes is not a good historical name. Plus, there isn’t a courtesan anywhere to be found. Oops. Fortunately, Tonya will have her day in a Kathy Lyons paranormal this fall.  

Anyway, here’s a picture of the framed art she gave me. To the left is the picture of her strangling me. To the right is the base artwork for her book, A Ghostly Reunion. There, right on the gravestone is my name. Actually it’s Jade Lee Peel’s name because “girls in the south need three names,” but it’s close enough. 

So RIP Jade. Tonya will get her boobaliciousness soon! 


  1. Looks like you had a great time!

  2. How fun! And you look fantastic, by the way. But you scared me. I was worried. All is well, phew.

  3. Good grief, you made my heart stop for a minute! Looks like you had a blast, thanks for sharing.


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