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Deadlines and Summer Plans

When a writer has a book due the same day her daughter goes back to school in August, it’s time to get creative about the summer schedule.

Last summer, my husband and I found a great latchkey program for Little Miss R. She’s a very outgoing kid, and she loved what was basically an endless PE class with dozens of other children. (I was very different at her age.) This year, that program filled up within a few hours of opening enrollment, so we’ve had to get creative.

Summer camps at the Y? Check. Public science camps? Ok. A few art classes? Add those in. And some time with the grandparents? We can do that too. Every week this summer will be a little bit different. To Little Miss R, this is more amazing than ever. To control-freak me…well, let’s just say I’ve made a biiiiig calendar for the summer.
If you have school-aged kids, how do you keep them occupied during the summer—especially if you need to keep to a work schedule? I’d love any and all tips you could share!


  1. I have PG in camps all summer. All the kids of working parents will be in camps. I started registering her in February and also have a detailed calendar for the entire summer.I try to do some camps for several weeks so every week isn't a new thing, but fortunately most of the camps are familiar to her from Spring Break or other holidays. She has church camp, museum, art, theater. I think it will be a fun summer for her and hopefully a productive one for me.

    1. Shana, you are so organized! I hope I can still get spots for LMR, registering her this close to the camp start dates.


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