Thursday, April 28, 2016

Home Improvement Junkie

I confess, I have a problem.  It started innocently enough.  Last December I had a bad cold and spent a week in bed.  Flipping channels I came across HGTV and watched my first home improvement show.  It was amusing. It was fun.

It was…addictive.

At first I would just watch a little Fixer Upper, you know, just for fun. Then it was Property Brothers, Love It or Leave It, Flip or Flop, and before I knew it I was watching YouTube videos on how to tile a shower at 2am.

The worst part was the discontent I now felt towards my own home. Was that peeling linoleum on the floor? Peach tile in the bathroom? And (horror of horrors) laminate counters in the kitchen? Gasp!

After a few months I became convinced that not only did my entire house need to be refinished, but that I could remodel my house with nothing but a charge card and my how to videos. Oh yes, I was going to be a Do-It-Yourselfer!


I thought I would start easy. I would replace a door. How hard could it be? I see them do it on the home improvement shows in about 30 seconds. I managed to rip out my old door with a crow bar (that part was fun).  Then I attempted to install the new door with my level, a pneumatic nail gun, and one million shims.

After my near-death experience with the attack door and the nail gun gone mad, I have decided to call a contractor.  Suffice to say, my home improvement addiction has cost me plenty.  My husband has made futile attempts at banning me from watching home remodel programs.  He is convinced every show costs him money.

He’s right.

But oh, I need me some shiplap and a French door!

Has anyone else been bitten by the home improvement bug?


  1. My husband loves all those shows too! I can't even change a light bulb correctly half the time, so I always hire people to do my home projects.

  2. Those shows make it look so easy... but yeah, I think that's the way I should go too!

  3. Me!! I've painted, installed new light fixtures, even put up a fan in the dining room, but first a fan joist support thingy so that the fan doesn't fall out of the ceiling because it doesn't have enough support, created a brick patio--concrete and mortar and all, removed all the old curtains and mini-blinds that were rusting and replaced with new ones. 20 windows. What a job. But I loved it. With the new house, I really, really need ceiling fans. Houston area, every room should have ceiling fans. And the lighting is awful. It's wired for ceiling fans, which is soooo nice, and has the support system. But it has like 10 foot ceilings. Soooo, I think I'll get an electrician. Sometimes killing yourself isn't worth it! I love those shows too!

  4. It's your home. If it's not worth investing time, money, and effort in, then I don't know what is! Often we spend all kinds of money on going out, or travelling, and forget to make the place where we spend the bulk of our lives into a place that we love. It’s about time you invest in your home.

    Helene Raymond @ Trade Squad

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