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Who's Your Hero? by Shana Galen

The last book in my Covent Garden Cubs series, I Kissed a Rogue, is now out in the world. I'm a little sad to see this series end, but then again, in my mind my series never really end. The characters live on (and sometimes even generate new stories!).

I'd been waiting to write Brooks's story from the first time he stepped on the page in the Viscount of Vice novella. Brook is the son of an earl and an investigator for hire. Why? Why hasn't he chosen the usual rode for a second born son? Why has he embraced a profession that drives him into the slums of London? And why is he so good at what he does? What drives Brook? Love or hate or maybe a bit of both?

I got to know Brook a little better in each successive book in the series, but he still had some surprises for me in I Kissed a Rogue.

I love all of my heroes, but I thought it might be fun to see who readers identified the most with. So who's your match?

Click here to find out more about Brook and read an excerpt from I Kissed a Rogue.

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  1. Gideon for me. I'm a luck girl. :D

    1. I kind of have a thing for Gideon myself!

  2. Shana, Your chart is brilliant! I may have to steal your idea for my books, if you don't mind. Hugs, Kathryne

  3. Gideon all the way! Congrats on the end of the series...but I suspect some of these folks will pop up again, lol.


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