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Vote for Love

Hi everyone, Brooklyn Ann here. I'm in the stages of wrapping up my 4th Scandals With Bite novel, HIS RUTHLESS BITE and writing my 4th Brides of Prophecy novel.

Anyway, to explain the title of my post, like many authors, I spend a lot of time on social media to interact with my readers and chat with other authors. But one downside of being on social media is seeing all the political posts, seeing people being so hateful to each other. There have been times where it made me so depressed that I had writer's block.

However, thanks to my readers and fellow authors, I've also seen lots of happy news, received excellent advice, and gotten lots of good book recommendations.

I've been remembering to read more books with happy endings, which inspire me to get back to work on creating my own.

Instead of focusing on all the hate in the world, I'm focusing on love. I think about all the wonderful things my sweetie does for me. I interact with my readers with only happy subjects.

Every day I try to have something to celebrate. Today it's being in the nomination round for The Reader's Choice awards at The Romance Reviews.

Of course I will go out and vote for the candidate I support, but every day I'm going to do my best to vote for love.

What happy things are going on in your life? And what good books have you read lately? 


  1. It's Spring Break here. That's fun. St. Patrick's Day is coming with lots of Irish dancing. I skim the political posts and click on the cute cats and rescue stories.

  2. I vote for love as well, what a wonderful way to look at it! It's birthday week in our I am having fun trying to decide which coupons to use for yummy things to eat, lol.


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