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Queen of the Road

The double-decker buses in London are among my favorite English things. The front seats on the top level offer a panoramic view. I don't even mind traffic jams much, there's so much to see. I've taken the 38 to Victoria Station to catch the train to Brighton.

The 24 carried me up to Hampstead Heath, starting to flower at this time of year. On the 73 I cruised through Islington, past Angel Station and quirky shops.

I confess that I've ridden London buses to the end of their routes, and then come right back again, just for the pleasure of moving along high above the streets and observing. Sometimes the end of the line is a nice surprise, sometimes a prosaic spot with an exotic name. But the fun is in the journey.

Happy spring!


  1. I've never ridden one of the double deckers in London. I should put that on my to do list.


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