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Irish Dragons? Leprechauns? Perfect for light paranormal romance!

On my Facebook fan page, I joked that I should go to Ireland (for research, of course,) because I was writing a series about Irish Dragons.
 Thanks to all the positive peer pressure, I mentioned it to my dear daughter and she exclaimed, "That's next on my bucket list!" Our last mother-daughter trip was to Colorado when she was 12. We were long past due for another, and it wasn't long before we had picked dates, booked airline tickets, and started working with the Irish Tourism Board to plan the perfect self-tour.

We began our adventure in Dublin. This is a picture of the library at Trinity College. (Do you think they have enough books?) I hadn't expected to like Dublin, because this former city girl really loves the fresh air and elbow room of the country now. Well, what a surprise...I LOVE DUBLIN! We went everywhere...including an Irish pub, even though neither of us drinks alcohol. We chose the Boar's Head...oldest pub in the country, dating back to the 1100's, because they had an Irish Storyteller upstairs. We heard ancient legends of fairies and little people and then were serenaded by folk singers. What a fabulous night.  

A couple of days later, we drove across the country to Galway. If you ever find yourself there, you can't miss Trad on the Prom. Irish Step Dancing and professional Irish music at it's best! We had to go, because my cousin recommended it and she's friends with the performers. They were wonderful!
Just like most of the Irish people... SO friendly and accessible--sending their love to my cousin, her husband, and even their dog! 

After leaving Galway, we visited the Cliffs of Moher. This is the one spot I had to see! My dragons lived in caves after St. Patrick thought he'd driven them all out...(Oops. He missed a spot!) And later the dragon king built a castle right on the cliffs. My dragons are descended from that king. The series expounds upon this twist more than I can here. 

This is Blarney Castle. The actual legend is that kissing the Blarney stone imparts the gift of eloquence...not what we now think of as 'Blarney'. Of course this writer kissed the stone! Who doesn't need more eloquence? 

There were castles everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE! We saw one in a farmer's field. He'd had to post a sign asking people not to trespass, because they'd trample his crops. 

I won't bore you with all my vacation pics, because we saw so much! The Aran Islands, Dingle Peninsula, the Medieval mile in Kilkenny, Waterford Crystal factory... I wish we had another week, although I don't know if I could have survived another week of the harrowing roads! 
Thank goodness my daughter did the driving. She kept us on the correct side of the road and managed not to crumple a fender or run us into a ditch when we came upon livestock in the road, sharp turns with stone walls on either side, or another vehicle coming straight for us on a one-lane road. With high hedges, hiding anything that was just around the bend, I don't know why we didn't see dozens of accidents!  If you decide to visit beautiful Ireland, do yourselves a favor... Go on a tour bus! 

So...what's next on your bucket list?


  1. Ireland was on my bucket list before I went a few years back, and it's still on the list. Your pictures made me want to go there again!

  2. That sounds like a fabulous trip! I hope to go one day.

  3. Sounds like a fun trip. I have always wanted to see a castle. My bucketlist big item is to go to England. I would love to see a castle there

    1. I went to England ages ago. I was there to visit friends, and did a little sightseeing, but I never saw a castle there. I'd love to see Buckingham Palace someday.


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