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Spring on the Way, in its Own Way

I'm in London right now, and I'm surprised to find that spring flowers are already blooming. I came upon these crocuses in a nearby square.
And there are rafts of daffodils nodding in the breeze in Green Park.
The cold, damp, rain-in-your-face breeze. I must admit I'm used to a little more warmth with my blooms. It's hard to stop and enjoy them when you're shivering and your umbrella has blown inside out.

The geese in the park don't seem to mind. They walk right over for a handout.

Along with other birds I don't recognize. Anyone know what the black one below is?

I have a feeling it'll be some time before there's a day I'd call truly warm. Still, daffodils in February. Not too bad at all.


  1. The black one is pretty. Never have seen one like it.

  2. It's a duck. I don't know which kind, but I think I've seen it before here in New England.
    Meanwhile, have a great time in Olde England! Let's hope the spring theme continues!


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