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My Favorite Winter Pick Me Up!

It’s cold where I live. There’s snow on the ground and my cat spends her days on my lap even when I have to reach over her back to type. Her favorite thing to do is go outside for a while and get nice and cold. Then she runs inside and worms her chilly, wet nose to some part of my body. Her favorite spots are under my shirt against my belly or if I’m sleeping, she’ll settle against my neck. Brrr! 

That’s Cinnamon’s favorite winter activity (as far as she’s told me). But I have a few favorite things to do when it’s nippy outside. Guess which is my current favorite! 

A.    Curling up with a good book while lounging under a thick blanket. And my cat purring against my belly. 

B.    An extra chocolately mocha hits me just right on a cold morning.  

C.    Fun leggings. 

D.    Baking. It heats up the house with yummy smells! 

E.    Racquetball tournament season. Every weekend, I’m making grown men cry as I trounce them on the court. 

Answer: C -- Fun leggings!  I bought a package of cheap fun print thermal leggings. They’re too hot to wear other times of the year, but in winter, I love blinding anyone who sees me!  Here’s a picture. My husband even says, they’re so loud, he can hear them downstairs.  

As for the other things, a good book comes very close, but I love that all the time. Right now I’m reading Courtney Milan’s Trade Me and am blown away by how wonderful it is. Very humbling. If she weren’t such a great person, I’d hate her for setting the quality bar so high. 

An extra chocolately mocha hits me right EVERY morning. Racquetball is a year round sport for me, though the winter is indeed tournament season. But I don’t compete that often anymore. I’m starting to feel my age. *sigh*. Though it is always fun to beat an arrogant guy in a sport! And baking … um, not my thing. Whenever I try it, the house gets filled with very yucky smells. Burned fish anyone? Yeah, I didn’t think so. 

So now it’s your turn. What are you doing to make yourself smile this winter? One lucky commenter will get a set of all of Jade’s first four Bridal Favors books plus a mouse pad! 


  1. Catching up on some movies and tv series I have missed, with my dog sitting on my lap.

    1. Not sure why my email address didn't show up. It's

  2. I know this not exciting but I like doing jigsaw puzzles during the winter.

  3. I actually got a part time job - I enjoy getting to meet people. Although when the weather is bad I like to stay in and read with purring cats next to me!

    1. That's why I go to conferences. Love meeting new people!

  4. I used to love doing them too . Have to pull one out again...

  5. Those leggings are super fun! Love them! Also love you trouncing the competition on the court.

  6. You have super leggins ❤. Here it is cold too and i dont love winter because i am freezing. But there is hot chocolate to unfreeze me and a pile of books to read and a huge pile of tv series and movies to watch. 😄 ty for the chance.

  7. Oh we are starting to plant milkweed seedlings for the spring Monarchs!! So much fun!
    landfjacobson @ charter .net

  8. Just doing the normal things like reading in bed under warm blankets and a comforter. I drink coffee (to wake up!) and tea. I also like to watch TV and have lots of DVD's checked out of the library. I have a warm blanket (suede on one side and Sherpa on the other) in the living room. It's a cold, old house.

    Never heard of thermal exercise leggings before, but I don't wear special exercise clothing (just fleece pants to keep me warm).



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