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Romantic Inspirations

My first notions of love and romance came from fairy tales, of course. Most notably the Disney versions. Who hasn't imagined being one of the princesses? My personal favorite, Cinderella. I'm old school like that.

But after that, before I got into actual romance novels (age 12, plucked right off my mother's bookshelf-- she had no idea), I was falling in love with Rochester and Darcy. It's a wonder I didn't marry a dark and brooding man with a wife in the attic, or someone I really hated until I realized I loved him. But no, I married a good-natured, generally happy guy, who only took a little convincing. Okay, a strong nudge.

 My kid sister, thirteen years younger, had a completely different romantic inspiration. Anne of Green Gables by L. M (Lucy Maude)Montgomery. Don't get me wrong, I loved Anne, too. Read the books, enjoyed the character. But Kristin, my sister? She became a total Anne Shirley fan girl. And thus, Gilbert Blythe fan girl. It helped that Anne of Green Gables was a popular TV series when she was young, starring the incomparable Colleen Dewhurst, perfectly-cast Megan Follows, and adorable Jonathan Crombie (who sadly died last year at age 48). 

Kristin was such a fan that she nearly had a Green Gables themed wedding. She longs to visit Prince Edward Island. And she was beyond thrilled when I recently discovered that there's a planned TV reboot coming soon. Entertainment Weekly- Anne of Green Gables Reboot. 

Speaking of romance, who knows romance better than romance authors? Join Gwyn Cready (@Gwyn Cready), Gina Conkle (@GinaConkle) and me (@SherriErwin) every Sunday night on Twitter at 9 PM EST as we live-tweet Downton Abbey!

What's your romantic inspiration? Earliest heroes? Favorite Disney Princess/Prince? 


  1. As a child I read fairy tales too. A trip to the movies on Sat (for a quarter) was a wonderfilled Disney treat.

    For some reason Sleeping Beauty captured my attention the most. It 's funny how I felt as if I 'woke up' when I discovered writing romance was my passion.

    1. Aw, that's a sweet angle on Sleeping Beauty, waking up to your calling.

  2. I love the live tweeting of Downton Abbey. My favorite Disney princess is Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder is my favorite "prince."

    1. I like Prince Eric, but mostly for his beach castle.


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