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A Teaser, A Brand New #Excerpt, and a #Contest

I'm super excited because I'll soon be sharing some great news about my new series, Body Shop Bad Boys, toward the end of the month. In the meantime, I'm offering a fun bundle of McCauley Brother goodies to one lucky newsletter subscriber. If you're interested in a signed set of the The McCauley Brothers books, a Marie Harte tote, swag, chocolates, and a McCauley mug, sign up at my Facebook page and click Newsletter.

Until then, how about a sneak peek at Test Drive, the first book in my Body Shop Bad Boys series?

BLURB:  Johnny Devlin is a devil-may-care charmer with a sullied past. Stealing cars landed him in jail, but he learned his lesson. The last seven years working in Webster's Garage have taught him how to work hard and play even harder.
Johnny has always had his eye on the pretty bartender with the rockin’ bod and soul-deep eyes. But she’s rejected him more than once. Still, that doesn’t mean he won’t come to her aid when some dirtbag mauls her. When she asks him on a date to thank him, he can’t say no. And then he’s saying nothing but hell, yes.

Before she knows it, Lara is doing things she’s only ever fantasized about. But she doesn’t want to settle down with trouble. She’s been surrounded by it her whole life. Except when her Mr. Fix It bad boy decides he wants her by his side, he makes it nearly impossible to resist saying yes when she should be saying no. When danger comes calling again, she’ll have to decide what’s more important—being with the man she loves, or hoping for a future in a better section of town.

 TEST DRIVE: A Brand New Excerpt

The older woman at the front smiled at them. “Johnny. Great to see you.” She nodded to Lara. “Welcome to Ray’s. I have your table. Follow me.”
They sat and were soon given water, rolls, and menus. Their table by the window overlooked Puget Sound and the setting sun over the Olympic Mountains. Purple clouds dotted a pink-and-blue sky darkening as the sun set. Dappled sunlight glistened off the water, reflecting prisms of color that dazzled as she watched. A few birds wheeled overhead, adding to the natural splendor, while the mountains stood fast, anchoring the beauty all around.
“Gorgeous view.” She couldn’t take her eyes from it.
“Yeah, I know.”
She turned back to him and saw him focused on her, not the window. “And, um, stellar service. Nice that we got such a great table without a wait.” The restaurant looked crowded. Only a few unoccupied tables.
Johnny shrugged. “I worked on Lisa’s car a few times. Her husband has a cherry ’Vette.” He took a sip of water. “I also made reservations. Lisa and I aren’t that tight.” He grinned. “No need to be jealous.”
She huffed her derision. “Please.” She glanced at the menu and revised her idea of eating whatever she wanted. Between dinner and the movie, she’d have to pull some serious overtime at the bar.
She glanced up and saw him staring at her, so she buried her nose in the menu again.
“I’m buying, so eat up.”
She looked over at him. “Lobster it is.”
He chuckled. “Go for it. Might as well. I don’t offer to buy all that often.”
“No, you’re too busy winning at darts and making the guys pay for you.”
“Yeah. I’m damn good.” He wiggled his brows. “Now figure out what you’re gonna eat. We don’t have all night, or we’ll miss the movie.”
And somehow, because he didn’t seem to be trying too hard to impress her, she started to relax. She chose some crab cake sliders while he ordered the blackened rockfish and an appetizer for them to share. His dinner cost more, so she felt better about things.
“You don’t want a drink?” he asked after ordering a beer.
“Water is fine for me.” At his look, she said, “I’m a social drinker. But I like water with meals.”
“So what? I’m not social enough for you?”
“I’m trying to keep my wits, Mr. Charm. Besides, water is free. You can thank me later when you’re buying me a tub of popcorn at the movies.”
“Is that right?”
“Yeah. I’ll buy our tickets, but you’re in charge of food.” She gave him a big smile. “And I eat a lot.”
He gave her an assessing once-over. “It’s going to all the right places.” He rubbed his heart. “Oh boy, is it.”
“Stop. I’m wearing a sweater, for God’s sake.”
“Yeah, but ever since I found out you’re going to be a nurse, I keep envisioning you in those naughty nurse outfits. How about it? Make my year and wear one in a few weeks for Halloween.”
“Because a tiny white skirt, garters, and cleavage screams professional.” She snorted. “Tell you what. I’ll be a naughty nurse if you’ll be a hunky mechanic. No shirt, just jeans and some manly sweat. Maybe even a dab of grease on your face to look authentic. Yeah, man-candy all the way.”
“Done.” He held out a hand across the table.
She stared at it. “What’s this?”
“A deal. Shake on it.”
She took his hand, her entire body flaming at his touch. He gripped her and pumped once, then let her go. Boy was she needing to get laid if a simple handshake turned her on.
He smiled at her. “I can’t wait.”
“I was joking.”
“I wasn’t.”

TEST DRIVE  Coming to Sourcebooks in June, 2016




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