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Book Launch: FOREVER HIS TEXAS BRIDE! by Linda Broday

She was a pickpocket and he a half-breed…bound by a love that’s stronger than iron bars.

They find love in a dark jail cell then fight to keep it as those full of prejudice, fear and hate try to keep them apart.

“There’s this thing between us that refuses to die. I’d like nothing better than to be able to…” His words faded. He’d give anything to change people’s views about his race…to be able to make her his wife. But the world wasn’t that simple. Not for people like them.

All his life, Brett Liberty has straddled two worlds: white and Iroquois. The only place he’s truly at peace is with his wild mustangs. Arrested for the color of his skin, he discovers Rayna Harper in the cell next to him. Rough and tumble Rayna has known little kindness, but Brett sees the depth of her heart hidden beneath layers of hurt and fear, and he refuses to leave without her.

Something about the damaged, flame-haired beauty calls to him. Yet even as the two outcasts are drawn together, terrible danger at the hands men eaten with hate threatens to tear them apart. Brett knows he should let her go, but he’s taken with the woman who looks at him as if he were just any other man...and melts in his arms as if the brush of his lips is enough to chase all her demons away...

This is the third and final book in my Bachelors of Battle Creek series and a little sad to see it end. Each of these men who came together as children in an orphanage and created a bond of brotherhood that nothing could destroy deeply touched my heart. In each book of the trilogy, their bond only grows stronger.


Rayna glanced up at him. “Brett, I’m sorry for getting angry. Thank you for coming after me.”

“You’re welcome.”

With her arm tucked in the curve of Brett’s, Rayna’s heart settled. She swallowed the last of her resistance and bitter disappointment.

As they passed under the shielding overhang of a big evergreen tree away from the glare of the saloon lights, she turned to stare into the dark shadows of his face. “Could I have something to remember the time when someone almost loved me? One final kiss? After this moment, we’ll be nothing but friends.”

“I don’t think that’s wise.”

She sensed Brett’s yearning as his hand rose to touch her, only to let it fall. Powerful need for one last feel of his fingers on her skin gave her the courage to beg. “One light brush of the lips between friends here in the darkness. It won’t mean anything.”

“Rayna…” The word came out hoarse and wounded.

Tingles raced up her spine as he gently traced the curve of her lips as though he, too, was filing a memory away. She lowered her lids in an effort to soak up the sensations. Her breath hitched when he lowered his sensuous mouth to hers.

Sweet ache…

Desire blazed with the heat of a raging prairie fire. This first kiss without steel bars between them, was full of raw power, danger and beauty.

Brett’s hands plunged into her hated curls, holding her just like she dreamed. This man, hunted and despised, seemed to pour all the secrets of his soul into this kiss. With a low moan, she slid her hand around his neck, drawing him closer. Delicious agony arced out like the branches of the old tree they were under, reaching, straining for more of the sweetness.
* * * * * *

Today is release day and I'm so happy that FOREVER HIS TEXAS BRIDE will be widely available. I hope you give Brett and Rayna's special love story a try. I think you'll like it. Books make the perfect gift and they easily fit into stockings. *Hint, Hint*

What's the best Christmas gift you ever received? 



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  1. Oh, Linda! I love the sound of this. It sounds unique and we all love something different.
    My best Christmas present? It's the same every husband takes me to a warm climate. It actually for Christmas, New Years, our Anniversary and my birthday! They all happen in the same two weeks.

    1. Hi Ashlyn! So glad you like the premise of FOREVER. The message of accepting others as they are is timely I think. We're pretty much a nation of intolerance of others. So much hateful rhetoric.

      YAY! How wonderful to be able to go to a warm climate for the holidays. I'd love to go with you. Yes, I'd say this is a fabulous gift!! Thanks for your comment.

  2. Congrats on the release. It sounds great!

    1. Thanks, Shana! I appreciate the well-wishes. Lots to celebrate.

  3. Sounds wonderful! When I was 11 I got a wild barn cat - I had begged for years and never thought I'd get a pet. Now I'm the catslady lol.

  4. Hi Catslady! Wow, this is great seeing you over here. I had wondered where you got your nickname. Now I know. That barn cat was a gift of a lifetime. Thanks so much for coming! Have a wonderful day.

  5. Congrats on the release and thanks for the yummy excerpt, sounds like a great story!


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