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A Highlander for Christmas

What’s on your Christmas list this year? How about a hunky Highlander who needs the find the true meaning of Christmas? Oh yeah, I got it. I am excited to offer my first ever short story: The Highlander’s Noel.

Lady Sabine escapes an arranged marriage by traveling from her native France to the Scottish Highlands to be a lady-in-waiting, yet when she arrives a few days before Christmas, she finds she is no longer needed. She cannot remain an unwed lass in a Highland castle so she is given the choice between returning home, joining a convent, or a hasty marriage of convenience. Even worse, Sabine finds that Highlanders do not celebrate her cherished Christmas customs. Sir Braden is the Master at Arms for the MacLaren clan and is assigned to guard Lady Sabine until her situation is resolved. Despite his intention never to marry, Lady Sabine shows him the joy of Christmas and his icy heart starts to melt.

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What are you hoping to see under the tree this year? Wishing you all a very happy holidays!


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