Saturday, November 14, 2015

Why I'm grateful to be an author

Favorite things about my job as a writer – top ten style

1.            Working in my bathrobe and slippers
2.            The commute
3.            Making my own hours (and being able to take frequent breaks with no one the wiser)
4.            Eavesdropping on people (for realistic dialog, of course!)
5.            Going on adventures and spending time in places I love without leaving the house
6.            Knowing my POV character’s thoughts and feelings, and it’s not weird
7.            Making my characters say things I, as a polite person, would never say
8.            Making nasty people from real life into fictional villains, then killing them.
9.            Writing a happy ending, knowing I’m going to leave some reader with a smile.
10.          Hearing from fans who love and appreciate my work
11.          Getting my next contract

Okay, technically, that’s 11 things, but I love my job too much to choose only 10.
I especially LOVE my latest book. Definitely in my top 10.  It’s an erotic paranormal comedy that I wrote as a short story several years ago. It’s Mr. Amazing’s favorite. I actually heard him laughing out loud as he read it. When he finished, he gave me his best compliment. He said, “It’s so dirty, I love it!” He usually just says, “The story is good, but it needs more sex.”

So how did I turn a short story into a short novel? I enlisted the help of my BFF and sometimes writing partner, Dalton Diaz!

If you're willing to help a sistah, please support my Thunderclap to advertise our Black Friday sale--just $0.99 for two weeks! Here's the link: Thank you!!!
Two Gods are in big trouble with Zeus. Gods will be gods and when these two taunt the wrong fire Goddess for their own entertainment, she erupts, literally, creating a whole new Hawaiian island. But Zeus is not amused and must teach them a lesson they won't forget. Who knew their punishment would lead to finding the loves of their lives?

Great Zeus! (Dalton Diaz)
Epimetheus knows he screwed up. Well, he knows it since Zeus pointed it out with a lightning bolt or two. He’s willing to take his punishment like a Titan, but all bets are off when his beloved dead wife Pandora shows up. Pandy has no memory of him. Epimetheus has no powers, and no forethought. What could possibly go wrong?

Oh My God (Ashlyn Chase) Rewritten and expanded version of a 2009 CAPA and Eppie Award nominee, same title
The Greek God of wine, women, and party, falls off a balcony during Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Now he has amnesia. All he knows is that they call him 'Big D', and he drinks too much and ought to give up alcohol for Lent.
Mandy and Brenda flashed Dionysus right before he fell. They're nice enough to take him to an AA meeting, and then back to their homes until he recovers his memory. Fortunately, they're not too nice to be naughty.

This book will be published by my own company Imagination Unlimited L.L.C. on 11/24. My wacky story will be in paperback for the first time, and it will only cost $7.99...the same as my mass market paperbacks! That makes me enormously happy.   


  1. Great list and the book sounds fantastic. Love the cover.

    1. Thanks! We actually had a photographer friend of ours use a model she worked with sometimes. He ripped his undershirt open with his bare hands! LOL

  2. Here's my #12: daydreaming...and calling it "work"!

    1. Awesome! I was going to ask people to add to the list, but something shiny crossed my path.

  3. Yes, please add your favorite things to the list!

  4. Congrats on the new release. Love the list!

  5. Awesome list. #8 is a favorite!!! LOL Congrats on your new release!