Friday, November 13, 2015

Hobby Time--Teddy Bears and Picture Taking!

 Capturing steam off a picture or...a ghost?

pizza (685x800) (2)

Latest bear order!
Pink Rainbow Bear with pink ultra suede paws

butterflies 003 (800x534)
Butterfly and shadows
butterflies 001 (800x534)
Butterfly sunning itself
I took this out the kitchen window because when I go outside, the butterflies flutter around like crazy. These seem to be the most common I’ve seen out there. They love the fermenting pears.
puppies wondering what's up (438x800)
What is Mom up to now?
peekaboo (434x800)
Though I shot the pictures of the puppies at different times, they make the perfect pairing. I have to take some of these shots with the phone because if I move around too much, I lose the shot. They were so good that they waited for me to take the shots. Often, they will jump down and come to greet me.
sunset 001 (800x211)
sunset 002 (800x176)

Somewhere in the fog, there is a house.
Somewhere in the fog, there is a house.
Have a great Friday the 13th!


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  1. Beautiful pictures, as always, Terry.
    Especially the one of your beautiful daughter and that yummy Pizza! Mmmm...