Monday, October 5, 2015

Who Doesn't Like a Bargain?

Nobody! So keep your eyes open tomorrow for the release of my first twofer. My novels First Season and Bride to Be are being reissued in a single volume. That’s a lot of story in one place – more than 500 pages. Inside, you’ll find an errant cat, eccentric highborn artists, an infuriating little sister, intrigue, and of course, happy endings for two pairs of lovers.
RT Book Reviews called Bride to Be...“a fast-paced story and Ms. Ashford is adept at adding humor and madcap characters to the story of a man searching for the true meaning of his life.” Regency Retro Reads found First Season…“an extremely well written book -- all the characters are distinct individuals, even the kids and the cat -- yet it's done with a marvelous economy of words. There is a gentle wry undertone throughout; the comedy scenes aren't overdone and the serious ones are thoughtful, not heavy-handed. She does a great deal with just a few words.”
Two stories in two different moods. Great idea!

Print and electronic versions can be found around the web:

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