Monday, October 26, 2015

The Jetset Life

My dentist's receptionist called me at the end of September, and the conversation was kind of surreal.

Receptionist: Ms. Browning-Erwin, you have an appointment for September 29. This is your reminder.

Me: Oh. Sorry. I have to reschedule. I'll be in London.
Receptionist: That's okay. We have a week later.

Me: Um, nope. I'll be in Paris. Oops.
Receptionist: How about a Tuesday, two weeks after that?

Me: Sure... oh. Hmm. No. I'll be in Napa. Let's just make it for sometime in November. I think I'm free then.

True story. I'm pretty sure she thought I was just showing off by the end of the conversation. My husband took me to London and Paris for our 25th Anniversary, and it was magical.

Then last week, I was in Napa to celebrate the very special milestone birthday of a friend. I'm sure there are stories to be told, but I just got back. I actually wrote this before leaving. Check my Facebook for updates!

In between, I attended a conference in New Jersey. I haven't been home for a month of weekends! And even though travel is fabulous, and I love it-- I miss home! I miss having a weekend with nothing to do but cuddle my corgi and catch up on football.

While traveling, I love staying active without having to stick to a routine, seeing new things, trying new foods and wines, eating out all the time... and maid service.

At home, I love getting back to my regular writing habits, cooking, sacking out on the couch at the end of a long day, being surrounded by my loved ones and familiar things, and staying fit (haha, kidding! I make myself work out at the gym, but I hate every minute of it). Normally, I don't like leaving the house if I can avoid it.

The best part about London? I stayed at the Langham Hotel, where some of my characters in the Thornbrook Park series stayed. Pick up the whole Thornbrook Park series-- now available. An Affair Downstairs, Book Two of the series, was named a Booklist Top Ten Romance of 2015 and one of their Best 101 Romances for the Last Ten Years!

What's your favorite part of traveling? Of being home? What is your dream travel destination? 


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I've traveled quite a bit this year. I barely spent any part of the winter here in New England. (Not a problem. LOL) I went to the Bahamas, Florida, Mexico and Spain. This summer I went to Ireland. All those wonderful experiences, and yet coming home is so welcome after a long stint of weekends (or weeks) away.

    Congrats on the award! That sounds like a fabulous series!

  2. Wow! That's so fabulous! My favorite part of traveling is no dishes or laundry. I would love to go back to Paris.

  3. Such a fabulous trip!
    I would love to visit London!
    Best part of traveling...I am in charge of the remote!
    Seriously, I love to come home to the sound of my corgis barking...they always are happy to see me!

    1. Nothing quite like coming home to a corgi! Being in charge of the remote is pretty great, too. :)