Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Romance virgins

I’ve written a few virgin characters over the years, including a few men. I thought in my last blog post here I’d look over a few first times.

Dai from Kiss of the Goblin Prince would have to be one of my most tortured heroes. I mean he waited nearly 2000 years to get free of the curse and finally meet someone. And even then he was wary. 

More recently there has been Kelly, a roadie who while he’d had girlfriends had his eye on a fellow male roadie—he got the first time nerves all over again with Jasper.

Out of Time had a virgin heroine…but she was up for almost anything. I liked her because she was no blushing, giggling girl. She knew what she wanted and she knew which lines she was ready to cross and when. 

Writing a virgin character can be a lot of fun. While there is always getting to know you nerves when characters get together, when a character has less experience it winds up the tension that little bit more. 

Who are your favourite romance virgins? Or do you hate virgin characters?

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  1. I have no problem reading and writing about a virgin protagonist, but (for me) the scene has to be steeped in romance. Not necessarily candles and rose petals, but he wants the experience to be a good one for her and takes the time to make sure she's ready for it. OR vice versa. I wrote a virgin hero, but he was well aware of everything about 'the act'. Love was evident and that's what made it romantic.