Wednesday, October 21, 2015

In Two Minutes I Can Make a Horse by Jade Lee

So after 31 years of marriage, my husband and I...

A. Did nothing. We ate pizza, watched The Blacklist, and then went to sleep.
B. Went to Italy to eat pasta and see things.
C. Re-did my website as a husband/wife bonding project. I’m sorry. He’s dead now and buried in the backyard, but that’s what comes from husband/wife bonding projects.
D. Joined a racquetball league as a double’s team. And yes, he’s dead now. We would have won a game, but the ball dropped right in front of him and he couldn’t hit it. So again, he’s buried in the backyard.

Answer: B – We went to ITALY!  Woo hoo! There are pictures of cool graffiti in Florence here. As for the other stuff, we both love The Blacklist and often eat pizza and go to sleep, so A is our usual life. And in case you were worried, my husband is not dead and he is not buried in the backyard. That’s because the initial husband/wife bonding project of a new website was taken away from him and given to a professional! Check out the COMING SOON video I did here:  And yes, we are a doubles team in a league, but I graciously accept that we’re not going to win, so when either of us misses an easy shot, I chalk it up to inevitability and return to having a good time.

So...want to see another awesome video from Italy? We went to glass factory in Venice and watched a master make a glass horse in 2 minutes. Look below for the video and a picture of a similar horse (not THE horse).

Jade Lee / Kathy Lyons

The Makeover Mistake by Kathy Lyons – March 2015
50 Ways to Ruin a Rake by Jade Lee – May 2015
The Player Next Door by Kathy Lyons – July 2015

See the video here:

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  1. I love your sense of humor, Jade! LOL
    We're planning a trip to Italy in 2017. I. Can. Not. Wait!
    Let's hope neither one of us winds up buried in the backyard before that happens!