Friday, September 11, 2015

2014 Best Historical and Best Book of the Year by Victoria Roberts

Imagine my surprise when My Highland Spy was the biggest winner of the night at the BTS Red Carpet Awards. Not only was this a great honor, but the ceremony was held in New Orleans, LA. Bonus!

To add to the excitement, I was joined by my husband, son, daughter, sister and cousin. But my son truly made the night memorable.

As usual, my wee lad (now 10) was kilted up for the event. When the BTS peeps called my name for Best Historical, I was escorted by a cover model onto the red carpet and then onto the stage. After I accepted the award, the cover model escorted me back to my seat where my waiting son was not happy.

As soon as my butt hit the chair, my son leaned over and said, "I'm really mad. Why does that guy have to escort you? That's my place. I'm with you for every signing and event. This is our thing, not his. I'm walking you down the aisle if you win again." Even as I explained that the cover model was escorting everyone to the stage, that didn't matter. My son didn't want to hear it. He replied as most 10 year old boys do with a "I don't care" and a pout.

So it was time for the final award of the night for Best Book of the Year. When the BTS peeps called my name again, the cover model approached me and escorted me to the stage. I accepted the award and as I was about to step from the stage, I gazed at the ground for a moment, trying not to trip in my heels (I cannot walk in heels.)

When I lifted my eyes, my wee lad was waiting for me by the stage on the red carpet. I had the cover model to my right and my son to my left. My little man took my arm and escorted me back with the cover model.

We arrived at the table and my son whispered, "I told you that I don't care if he's a cover model or not. That's my job. Besides, in a few years, I'll be able to take him out." lol I was laughing so hard I was crying.

This picture is a little blurry, but you can see what he did. Proud son. And proud mom!