Tuesday, August 11, 2015

On the Casting Couch with Kate Allure

I’m sure every author visualizes at some point an actor or actress that would be perfect as the hero or heroine in their book, so I’m excited to share with you who I would choose if my stories from LAWYER UP were brought to life in the movies.

But first a word from our sponsor. (Well, actually, no, but I do need to mention that each book in my Meeting Men series is made up of a trio of short, sexy stories, so I get to cast six roles today.)

First up, in the role of heroine for “Attorney-Client Privileges” I would cast in the role of Bethi-Ann Sikes the actress from iZombie, Rose McIver. Her quirky inner strength with just a touch of comedic sass would be perfect for the role of a woman who comes from a dirt-poor background and finds it only goes downhill from there. Her savior, Jon Bateman, is a mix of divorced chip-on-your-shoulder angst and genuine hard-working earnestness, and for that role Patrick J. Adams, who plays Mike Ross in Suits, would be perfect, although he’d need to tousle his hair and adopt a more laid-back California surfer dude appeal. I think the two of them could make a sweet couple.

Casting the hero for “Of Unsound Mind and Body” is a tough one. The heroine just needs to be a strong, young, career-minded woman, perhaps a sincere Zoe Saldana or even a sassy Emma Stone. But the tall, dark, and handsome hero needs to be Native American with jet-black hair, bronze skin, and the ability to appear both urbane—he’s a big city lawyer—and in touch with his earthy, Indian roots. The only actor that fits this bill is Benjamin Bratt, but he would be considered too old for the role now, so it might require seeking out a new talent, a younger version of the still uber-sexy Bratt.

Lastly, my favorite casting would be for “Of Writs and Writhing.” The hero and heroine are older in this story, mid-fifties and forties, respectively. I actually mention the actress I would pick in the story— Rene Russo in her uptight but wildly sexy, take-no-prisoners role of Catherine Banning opposite Pierce Brosnan in the Thomas Crown Affair remake. To hold his own against such a powerhouse would require a strong man, an alpha-male with a wicked streak. Richard Gere would be perfect. His salt and pepper hair is so thick and luscious, I just want to run my hands through it, and his sexy, naughty, knowing grin would make any woman warm right down to her toes.

So there you have it—Kate Allure’s new role as casting director for her stories. But if you would really like to see who Kate would cast, check out her brand new book trailer for Playing Doctor, released August 1st. (Watch it on Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/p67ve3b.) Kate saw him, cast him, and talked him into appearing in her book trailer. Don’t you think he’d make a great Hunter Sterling in “Seize the Doctor.”

Title: Lawyer Up
Author: Kate Allure
Series: Meeting Men, Book 2
ISBN: 978-1492602354
Pubdate: August 4, 2015
Genre: Erotic Romance

Three sizzling-hot, deliciously taboo erotic romances to stoke your mood.

Wrongly accused in Attorney-Client Privileges, sexy but innocent Beth has nowhere to turn but straight into the arms of hotshot L.A. lawyer, Jon. Can this attorney manage to get her off in time?

Liza reaches a meeting of the minds—and more—when she unleashes her inhibitions and gives herself over to the primal allure of Main Street lawyer Hawk in Of Unsound Mind and Body.

In Of Writs and Writhing, fearless defense attorney Pat gets more than she bargained for when she goes toe-to-toe with New Orleans’ infamous Playboy Judge. When things get heated both in and out of the courtroom, more than temperatures rise.

Kate Allure is the creator of the Meeting Men series. She has been a storyteller her entire life, writing plays, short stories, and dance librettos throughout her childhood and later for semi-professional theater and dance companies. Her non-fiction writing included working for American Ballet Theatre and New York City Ballet and authoring a weekly arts column for local papers. Beyond writing, Kate’s passions include traveling and exploring all things sensual with her loving husband. Follow Kate at on Facebook and at www.KateAllure.com.

Website: http://www.kateallure.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KateAllure.Sizzling.Romance?fref=ts
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kateallure
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8172727.Kate_Allure


  1. Love your choices, Kate! Congrats on the release.

  2. Sadly, I don't know a lot of those folks you are picturing as your characters, but the synopses sound intriguing! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Just wanted to stop by and say thank you to Casablanca Authors for welcoming me to your great blog. I'm so excited about LAWYER UP's release and that it was picked by Omnivoracious (Amazon's review site) as a Best Romance of August!

    Happy Summer and Happy Reading,

    ~ Kate