Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Book Launch: Made for Us

Can't Make Time for Love?
She'll Show Him How to Find It. 

So here I am, first time on the Casablanca blog, and I'm talking about my latest contemporary romance release, "Made for Us".  This is book one in my new series - The Shaughnessy Brothers.  

What I love about this new series is how much family means to each of them.  When Lillian Shaughnessy died, she left behind a husband and six children whose ages ranged from eighteen to ten months.  And rather than this tragedy tearing them apart, it made them closer as they clung together to get through their grief.

At the point that you’ll be meeting them, seventeen years has gone by and we see how the loss of their mother still affects who they currently are.  Each book will not only introduce you to an individual Shaughnessy as they navigate through their life and eventually find love, you will spend a lot of time getting to know the rest of the family, as well.  I’ve had a wonderful time finding all of their quirks and seeing how their personalities sometimes clash and how even when they’re fighting with each other—as siblings do—the bottom line is how much they love each other and are there for one another.

"Made for Us" focuses on eldest Shaughnessy sibling Aidan.  He's a workaholic with his own successful building and construction company and he's been the rock for his family - helping his father with raising his five siblings.  But now he's finally realizing that he doesn't have much of a life of his own.  He's helped everyone except himself.  

Enter Zoe Dalton.   She's the new decorator on his job site and the moment Aidan sees her, he's intrigued.  The main problem he has?  He's a bit of a control freak where work (and a lot of things) are concerned, and Zoe has no problem calling him out on it and challenging him at every turn.  There's a lot of arguing and bantering and a lot of pride on both of their parts.  Aidan's issues with control come from his years of taking care of everyone.  Zoe's position is a result of the recent loss of her own mother and her moving across the country and giving herself a fresh start.  

When a hurricane is coming to the Carolina coast, the two find themselves in close quarters and without work hanging over their heads, they finally give in to the attraction they've both been feeling.  But in the aftermath, Aidan isn't the smoothest.  His issues take a while to get through and Zoe's only going to be patient for so long.

Their road to happily ever after is filled with laughter and tears and it's bumpy and at times not very nice, but the end result is completely worth it.  Here's a quick excerpt: 

A loud moan came from the other side of the door and Zoe had to wonder if it was a moan of pleasure or pain.  He hadn’t looked physically injured, but he also didn’t look like he’d had an easy time of it.  She stood motionless, filled with indecision.  The nurturer in Zoe insisted that Aidan needed a shower, and a good meal, and a good night’s sleep. 

But the woman in her, who just heard another moan, started to kick off her sandals.  “Dinner,” she hissed at herself.  “You’re supposed to be making dinner.”  As much as it pained her, she picked up her sandals and started to walk down the hallway toward the kitchen.  And then stopped and looked back at the closed bathroom door.

What if he was too tired to stand up?  She didn’t know with any certainty what he’d been doing for the last couple of days, but it had clearly taken its toll. What if he couldn’t stay awake in there?  There was a real possibility of Aidan hurting himself.  So really, what was more important—making a lousy dinner with whatever he had in the pantry or making sure that the man didn’t drown?

“Safety first.  That’s the motto isn’t it?”  Spinning around, Zoe dropped her sandals and walked back toward the bathroom and paused outside the door.  “Aidan?” she called out with a light knock.

No answer.

“Aidan, are you okay?”  Another light knock.

The only answer was another moan.

Hmm…that could be taken a couple of ways.  She was just about to knock again when she heard him say her name.  Opening the door she stepped into the steamy room and closed the door behind her.  “Are you all right?”

“No,” he said weakly from behind the curtain.

Everything inside of her began to panic.  “Okay.  What can I do?  What do you need?”  Zoe’s mind raced.  Aidan didn’t answer and so she stepped closer to the shower curtain.  “Aidan?”

Before she knew it, the curtain was pulled back and Aidan was reaching for her and pulling her, fully clothed, under the hot spray with him.  “You,” he said as he pulled her close and lowered his lips toward her.  “I just need you.”

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  1. This like a great series, and I love the excerpt! Well done!

  2. Welcome to the blog! Love the excerpt!

  3. Can't wait to read Zoe and Aiden's story!

  4. Looks like a great story, thanks for sharing and congrats on the release!

  5. Congrats on the release, Samantha! Fabulous excerpt :-)

  6. Aidan is my favorite Samantha Chase hero.
    Just loved his journey!