Saturday, June 27, 2015

Wanted: Beta Hero for Alpha Heroine

My baby girl needs a friend.

Here she is giving me the evil eye after a wash...

We inherited her after a family marriage breakup meant that person had to shift to smaller digs. Kobe was only supposed to be a guest for a few months, but she and my boyfriend fell in love with each other, and it was decided that she had to stay. 

It's been a couple of years now, and she's getting a little greyer, and a little bit slower. So now we're on the lookout for a puppy friend for her to play with. Kobe likes: Walks, car drives, camping, swimming and chasing tennis balls. Also partial to long snoozes. Does not like: small white fluffy dogs.

The problem?

We want to do a little research to make sure we try and match her up with a friend who suits her. Kobe is very much the boss of the yard, but gets along well with less-dominant dogs (like Hazel below).  My boyfriend wants an Irish Wolfhound, or a poodle. I want something medium sized, friendly, and good with people - and cats. Top of my list? Golden Retriever, or something similar sized, or a German Short Haired Pointer, but I'm totally open to suggestions. 

With her 'cousin' after an exhausting afternoon tearing apart a cushion...
So, does anyone have any experience with these breeds, or other suggested types? We're hoping to narrow it down, and then maybe strart looking at the RSPCA (rescue centre) to see if they have any dogs that match up. Right now it's at the research stage, but we're hoping to start looking soon. 


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  1. Hmm, are you sure she wouldn't rather remain an only fur-person? Maybe occasional puppy parties? I'm a big fan of Cesar Milan and advise that you watch some of his shows if you are going to introduce a new member into the household. I love labs and retrievers, and I think that you should make sure you consider sturdiness when you choose a breed. Good luck in your decision-making!

  2. What a great doggy mom you are. I have cats and don't know much about dogs, but I wish you success.

  3. Maybe you could find one at your rescue league. Our second dog was a mixture, medium sized and the sweetest dog ever. Our first dog was a beagle and although we loved her dearly, she was a bit more high strung as some papered breeds can be. Best of luck in your hunt.

  4. I highly recommend golden retrievers as a breed -- our current guy can't even qualify as a Beta, he lets the cats bully him -- but even within breeds you have different personalities. Most rescue groups in my area encourage meet and greets for potential 'siblings' to meet and play. I'd look into having a few of them including your home if possible just to be sure.