Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Little Guilty Pleasures - Linda Broday

I think every person on the planet has one thing that brings them total enjoyment. But not all the time. Oh, no.  The best guilty pleasures are ones we let ourselves have as a reward for completing a job. Or struggling to finish something. Or after a long, trying day that took a lot out of us.

Writers definitely have guilty pleasures!

And we deserve them.

Why? Creating worlds and story people takes a lot of brain power.

We reach down into our souls and pull out the very best that's inside us.

Here are a few of my guilty pleasures.

·       Chocolate - Rich, dark, decadent chocolate!
·       Wine - Mostly red and I love Moscata!
·       Movies - I love movies, sitting in a dark theater watching magic on the screen - Eating popcorn
          (If you haven't seen The Longest Ride or Age of Adeline, you should.)
·       Massage - Oh YES! Definitely.
·       Reading - I only allow myself to read at night to unwind
·       Watching TV - Again, only at night to relax
·       Piddling in the yard - There's something to be said for playing in the dirt
·       Listening to live music - I love attending concerts but don't indulge often enough
·       Taking a Cruise - Okay, I've only done this twice but it's REALLY relaxing
·       Shopping - I have to be very careful with this one. I tend to go overboard

Okay, it's time for you. 'Fess up. What are your guilty pleasures? I know you have some.

While you're thinking...If you haven't read my latest, TWICE A TEXAS BRIDE, I hope you pick up a copy. This is the second book of my Bachelors of Battle Creek series.

Rand Sinclair has sold his saloon and bought a ranch. It's a little rundown but that's okay. Owning land fulfills a dream. Except he never expected to find a woman and child hiding in one of the outbuildings. Or that he'd soon fight for her life and his.

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  1. I've never been on a cruise...fear seasickness (and those nasty viruses that seem to be in the news). I love chocolate (a little too much) and pineapple Jelly Bellies (which are SO bad for my teeth, lol), and I love nothing so much as sitting on a beautiful day listening to smooth jazz and reading a book...but haven't done that in far too long! Your book sounds intriguing, thanks for sharing!

  2. I read the first book in your series and loved it! All the brothers are fascinating men, so I'm glad to hear the next book is out!