Thursday, May 7, 2015

The best part about Cinco de Mayo (two days late) by Jade Lee

The best part about Cinco de Mayo (two days late) by Jade Lee

I know it’s not May 5th, but I’m still celebrating Cinco de Mayo. So guess what’s the best part of about that special day.

A. Margaritas! Tequila! What’s not to love?

B. Celebrate your Mexican pride! Doesn’t matter if you’ve never been south of the Mason-Dixon line or, as in my case, your ethnicity is Chinese, put on a sombrero and get a drink!
C. It’s my birthday!  Isn’t it amazing that the entire country of Mexico celebrates my birth?

D. Are you kidding? It’s May. It’s spring. Every day that it doesn’t snow is a miracle.

Answer: C   Although I’ll accept any answer because there’s lots to celebrate on May 5th. Not just cool mixed drinks and the lack of snow. I actually do appreciate any country’s independence day because I’m all for standing on your own two feet and being strong! (Tell me again when adult children STOP getting support from their parents? Oh wait...did I digress?) And YES, it is my birthday!!!

What’s special about this Cinco de Mayo?

A. I’m turning 21. Don’t laugh. I really am. I just look like I’m 52.

B. Absolutely nothing. Sadly, the truth is I’m terribly boring.
C. Boas and Tiaras. See you all in 10 minutes!
D. It’s release day for the funniest book I’ve ever written. Seriously. It’s that good!

Answer: D    I’m turning 52, so clearly I look my age. And if you think I’m boring, I must not be doing my job–or this blog–right. I will be at Boas and Tiaras, but that’s not until June 13. So it must be release day for (drumroll please) 50 WAYS TO RUIN RAKE

Woo hoo! It really is the funniest book I’ve written so far. Every character in the book as a Clever Plan (cunning plan for you Black Adder fans) that goes horribly awry. The reviews have been fabulous.  Booklist says:  With its wonderfully whimsical characters and fanciful plot, Lee’s latest…is tailor-made for readers who like their Regency-set historicals served up with plenty of frothy fun.

RT Book reviews says: Lee creates a wonderful read full of madness and mayhem — as well as serious issues. She plays the genre’s standard marriage-game plotline with ease; adding the nature of class and the problems it creates makes a complex tale that will please readers.

So who wants a copy???  I’ll give away an e-copy to one lucky commenter! Tell me what you did on Cinco de Mayo!


  1. Happy birthday, Jade!
    I love the sound of your book and I remember meeting you at one of the NJ conferences. I was delighted to see you had become a Casababe!
    What did I do on Cinco De Mayo?
    I met a friend for a stroll around Salem, ma and we avoided Mexican restaurants like Montezuma's revenge! LOL. Neither of us drink, so we had a sedate lunch at Victoria Station on Pickering Wharf.
    I was even offered a book signing at a local shop!

  2. I totally missed it. I looked up and it was May 6!

  3. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY Jade <3 I would adore winning a copy of your book! There is NOT enough humor and delight in life so your books are vitally important in our lives ;-) Have an awesome Mother's Day weekend! You share your birthday week with me beloved Dad who was born on Mother's Day.

  4. We went out for Mexican food and margaritas. Now that I know it was your birthday, I'll have to eat cake in your honor! Hope you had a great one. The new book looks like a winner.

  5. didn't celebrate it

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  6. I was totally boring. I worked 11 hours, came home, ate taco salad, and had a beer (because I was too tired to make Mexican martini or margarita).
    Happy Late Birthday!

  7. Belated Happy Birthday, Jade! We've been eating tacos all week...but that wasn't because of Cinco de Mayo, it's just because we like tacos, lol. Congrats on the new release!