Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Regency Romance Turns 80

Did you know that the Regency romance, as pretty much invented by Georgette Heyer, is turning eighty this year? The Beau Monde chapter of the Romance Writers of America is celebrating this anniversary with a year-long series of articles about Heyer’s Regency novels, posted in the order of their publication. Rather than standard reviews, these posts range far and wide in the realm of the Regency romance in general. You can see my contribution here, and browse those of many other great writers as well.
Romances set in the Regency period have come a long way in those eighty years. I love the way authors are taking advantage of all the things happening outside aristocratic ballrooms for new plots and character types. And of course they’re also adding varying degrees of spice to the love stories – from warm to scorching.

I used that latitude in my Regency historical Charmed and Dangerous, being reissued June 2, which takes place in Vienna during the famous congress. As England and its allies discuss dividing up Europe after their first defeat of Napoleon, my hero and heroine investigate a plot that will ruin all. There’s time for some passionate exchanges when they’re marooned on an uninhabited island together. Which rather complicates their renewed hunt for a wily set of spies. 
What's your favorite thing about the Regency period?


  1. What a fabulous title, Jane! I love the people who lived during the Regency. There was such a great mix of poets and politicians and socialites.

  2. I love that there are rules that everyone knows about (even though I would never be able to comply with them) and the fascinating clothes (although I'd never want to wear them, lol). I enjoy the spectacle but would never want to be an actual part of it. Congrats on the re-release!

  3. How exciting! I have come to love this era because of critiquing for Mia Marlowe. I've learned so much from her. What a different time! It makes me appreciate the freedom women have to choose their own destinies today.

    Yet a bit of 'bad-ass' in an historic heroine is all the more fun!