Thursday, May 21, 2015

REGENCY BUCK 80th Anniversary Deb Werksman


This year is the 80th anniversary of the publication of Regency Buck by Georgette Heyer—the very first Regency romance!

I’ve always thought of Heyer as the perfect combination of Jane Austen and William Shakespeare—wicked smart, clever and funny, with a profound understanding of human nature. 

A couple of my favorite passages are the one in The Talisman Ring where Ludovic and Sir Hugo Thane go into the cellar for a shooting competition (after Sarah Thane persuades them not to go into the courtyard, because Ludovic is, after all, a fugitive). Also the scene in The Foundling when Sir Lionel calls on his son Gideon and animadverts bitterly about the state of his son’s apartments, shattering the nerves of Gideon’s batman, who then vents on the hapless kitchen boy. And of course, there’s the denouement of The Unknown Ajax, and the highwaymen scene in The Convenient Marriage…I could go on and on…

To celebrate Regency Buck’s 80th year, we had tiaras to give away at RT, and I’m still in a giveaway mood.

First, post on this blog—tell us any or all of the following:
a)      Your favorite novel by Georgette Heyer
b)     Your favorite Sourcebooks Casablanca author of any subgenre
c)      Your favorite romance author of any subgenre, any publisher
d)      Anything else

Next, have one friend or relative who is not a Sourcebooks author post on this blog as well. She can say anything she wants (of course, you can too!)

Finally, send me an email to and I will send you back a coupon code for you and your friend for one free ebook each.

If you haven’t tried a Heyer yet, go for it! If your daughter, niece, young next door neighbor, or anyone else you know and love, hasn’t tried a Heyer yet, and you need a printed book, email me at –I’ll give away 10 print books by Georgette Heyer as well. Please specify which title you want to gift.


  1. I hate to admit this but I've never read Georgette Heyer - I know!! I won her book once but someone they sent me a different book! Since I enjoy historicals, Grace Burrowes is at the top of my list. I also enjoy Kathryne Kennedy for her historical/fantasy. Picking from all authors is pretty hard and it seems to change but I will say Jean Auel's Earth Series was a favorite.

  2. I have several Heyer favorites, but I love "The Unknown Ajax" best. The way Heyer draws out the tension in the last major scene is unbelievable, and Hugo is such a lovable character! I couldn't put the book down!

  3. I'm hiding behind my computer, because even though I write Regency, I've never read a Heyer book. (I know, totally blasphemous!)

    And how am I supposed to pick one favorite Sourcebook author? That's like asking me to pick my favorite Cadbury Chocolate.

    Matt's in my local RWA chapter, the adorable Gina Conkle and I are in a group together, I've had several of the other sourcebook authors as guests on my blog or friends in social media. I cannot choose just one!

    As for my favorite romance author of all time, I have to go with Kathleen Woodiwiss for two reasons: The Flame and The Flower was the first full-length novel I read (at 15) and I named my daughter Brianna, after the heroine Heather Brianna. (I really did! )

  4. My very favorite Regency novel by Georgette Heyer is The Nonesuch. Naturally, since Sourcebooks Casablanca has republished it in splendid style, that is also my favorite Sourcebooks book. My Heyer collection was nicked a few years ago during a move and your wonderful new editions have allowed me to rebuild my Heyer library with even better versions.

    When it comes to romance authors, my favorite is Georgette Heyer, though I also enjoy Jane Austen and Loretta Chase, too. But, since I love Regencies, I have quite a number of favorite Regency authors.

    Happy 80th, Regency Buck!!!


    Kathryn Kane

  5. Oh this is fun :-) Although I have no friend to share this with for the drawing... I can't tell you my favorite Heyer book because she was the first romance writer I ever read. I discovered her in my public library in late middle school/early high school and read the entire library's set of her books, EVERY ONE! I then discovered Victoria Holt and Mary Stewart and Bertrice Small...,my love affair with historical romance was established ;-).

    My favorite Sourcebooks author is a hard pick as I haven't read them all yet (being a devoted Discover A New Love member) but I'd have to pick Grace Burrowes. I adore her intelligent and interesting stories of hot scots. My favorite of all time is another tough one but I'll go with Jennifer Ashley. She again writes intelligent characters with interesting plot lines in every genre of romance...always satifying. I also love Bertrice Small, Hannah Howell, Bec McMaster and Meljean Brook...I could go on and on. My favorite genres of romance are historical, especially Scottish, paranormal, especially shifters and erotic menage. Thanks for the fun post and taking time to read about my love affair with romance stories <3.

  6. haven't read Georgette Heyer before

  7. Oh my. My favorite. Well, I think that would have to be Cotillion so far--but I still have lots of lovely Georgette Heyer books to look forward to!

    My favorite Sourcebooks author is Susanna Kearsley--her The Winter Sea hit me just right. Mysterious and haunting and Scotland--my true love is Ireland, but Scotland's close!

    My favorite romance writer is Mary Balogh. I have read and read some of her books, and her world is a real world to me. Then I had the pleasure of meeting her and remain devoted to her books AND to her herself!

    Have asked my cousin to join in this giveaway! Sure hope she will ...

  8. I have not read Georgette Heyer. I have Why Shoot A Butler? on my kindle but, have not read it.
    My favorite Sourcebooks author is Shana Galen. Her novels have a memorable characters, witty dialogue, social commentary and adventure.
    My favorite romance author is Lauren Willig. I love her Pink carnation series. The perfect blend of history, suspense and romance.
    This weekend I am looking forward to reading a book by a new to me author.
    Happy Memorial Day and thank you for the contest!

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  10. What a wonderful post! Like several other Regency romance authors, I have yet to read Ms. Heyer's books. I do have several in my TBR pile.

    My favorite Sourcebooks Author would have to be Shana Galen! Love her books!!! And she's a lovely person too! ;)

    Favorite all time author is Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. Like Lady Collette, I named my daughter after one of her characters - Lierin from Come Love A Stranger!

  11. I have only read one of Georgette Hoyer's novels, I wouldn't be able to choose an author for each writes with a distinct flair and depicts their characters/scenes creatively with emotions and the use of descriptions. I will say that I adore a novel that within its pages is intrigue, suspense, murder, involves children/sisters, spies, an of course romance.

  12. I still haven't read any Heyer books but I've got a few on my kindle. I just keep getting distracted by other books - many of them by Sourcebooks authors. I love most of these authors and often recommend their books. My all time favorite is Grace Burrowes, her books are an addiction of mine.

  13. I read most of Georgette Heyer's books (many, many years ago), then found Patricia Veryan and Sylvia Thorpe and...well, the list is long. Alas, all of the titles have run together in my mind, although "The Grand Sophy" sticks with me. I like many of the Sourcebook authors, most particularly M.L. Buchman and Grace Burrowes (and Cheryl Brooks and Terry Spear and...), and I am most fond of Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb. Thanks for your generosity!

    1. I haven't read anything by Georgette Heyer. Sounds like I'm missing out. Oh favorite authors..... way too many to name. I've read several of the sourcebooks authors. They are all great :)

  14. Sue Gorman sent me to this site. The only 2 original Georgette Heyer 1966 paperbacks I still have are "Devil's Cub" and "These Old Shades" so they must have been my favorites. My favorite Sourcebook author is Grace Burrowes. It is extremely hard to pick a favorite romance author but I'll go old school and say Anya Seton and Judith McNaught.

  15. Thanks, Deb, have a great weekend!