Saturday, March 7, 2015

What I Did on Spring Break! By Jade Lee / Kathy Lyons

What I Did on Spring Break! 
By Jade Lee / Kathy Lyons

As I write this, I am in the midst of my husband's annual trek to see Spring Training. That's major league baseball in Florida in March. His team? THE TIGERS! What do I think of Spring Training?

A. Boring. The most exciting event in the game is the 7th Inning Stretch.
B. I'm outside and it's not snowing. What's not to love?
C. I really enjoy eating fattening food while sitting in the sun.
D. My husband loves it and I love him, so I try to hide that I'm reading a book on my iPhone.

Answer: All of the above! Yes, I find baseball boring, and my husband is constantly worried that I'm going to cheer at the wrong time. I have been known to get excited at a slow pop fly that was easily caught by the NOT-Tiger team. Oops. Someone hit the ball. Something happened. I was very excited. But I love my husband and he loves baseball, so I go. Plus I do love the bad-for-me food and sitting in the sun.

And surprise, even the Tigers can't play every day. On the other days, we do something I love. Yesterday we went to Sea World. Guess what happened.

A. No one in my family would go on a rollercoaster with me. It was very sad.
B. I walked enough that even my fitbit was impressed.
C. I bought my 3 year old goddaughter a Barbie animal rescue kit.
D. I got sunburned.

Answer: All of the above! I didn't manage a rollercoaster at all. My husband claims he's too old, and his parents were definite nos. I deferred because my kids weren't with us this trip. Very, very sad. I did walk a ton and get a little burned but that's all part of being in Florida in March. And yes, I'm a sucker for gifts for the 3 year old. Since her birthday is coming up, it was an easy sale.

And now for the cool pictures that have been spaced throughout this blog. One of the most awesome moments was the flamingo parade. They take the flamingos on a daily walk for exercise. Haven't a clue how they get the procession started, but once begun, the birds waddle through the park.

They had an aquarium where you could climb up inside it. It was meant for children, but since I'm a kid at heart, I popped in there. It took longer for me to crawl out and my knees may never be the same, but I managed it.

The stingray tank reminded me of searching for parking at a mall. The creatures seemed to circle until a space opened up and then they cruise in and settle.

And I just loved the sea turtles. They were the most awesome creatures ever!

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  1. SeaWorld Orlando is one of my favorite places. Although I've been to three different SeaWorld parks, the one here where I live is the one I've visited the most and I love it. Too bad you didn't get to ride a coaster, they're all great there. :D

  2. I'm not ashamed, I bring a book with me no matter hubby worries about what the musicians think about me when we are at concerts...but I enjoy the music and the breezes (hopefully) and it's one of my favorite experiences. I managed to get a book read during a NASCAR race as well, lol. Thanks for the wonderful pictures, that is pretty funny, seeing the flamingo stroll!