Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Wicked Marry, Kiss, or Kill game

Wicked, My Love released last week and I’ve been busy with the Marry, Kiss, or Kill blog tour.  Bloggers give me the names of celebrities or fictional characters, and I decide if I will marry, kiss, or kill them.  A wicked little game. I’ve played it about fifteen times now, so it’s your turn. I’ve decided to make this the British comedy edition.

Would you marry, kiss, or kill:
Ricky Gervais
Hugh Laurie
Rowan Atkinson
*Wild card – pick another British comedic actor or character.

I can’t wait to hear your answers.


  1. What a fun game! I would have to kill Ricky Gervais (not really, hypothetically), kiss Hugh Laurie, and kill Rowan Atkinson (hypothetically). I'd marry Colin Firth and Kenneth Branagh.

  2. Oooo, choices, choices. I'd kiss Hugh Laurie too. His rendition of Minnie the Moocher as played by Bertie Wooster is the funniest thing ever on film! Best wishes on the launch.

    1. Thank you. The kids and I have been listening to the audio books of Jeeves and Wooster. They love them. The way Wodehouse uses language is amazing.

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  4. Interesting game...although I imagine you might make some of these folks gulp, lol. Hope the tour is going well!