Saturday, March 14, 2015

That Time Again- Easter Candy Time!

Confession: I can't resist jelly beans.

Every spring, I try to resist. I go to the grocery store fully intending to stock my cart with healthy food, fruits, veggies, lean proteins. And then I hit the holiday aisle (which is also the book aisle, and I can't stay out of the book aisle!) and there they are: jelly beans.

It used to be one or two kinds of jelly beans, the Brach's Classic and maybe some Jelly Belly types. Now it's Jolly Rancher jelly beans, and Starburst, Mike and Ike, and Lifesaver jelly beans. And other brands of jelly beans. And varieties within the brands, sour beans, sweet beans, speckled beans...

And let me add, I am not picky. I am right there ready to try them all. I like them all! Oh my goodness. I like them all. So it's not unusual, this time of year, for me to come home with five or six different bags of jelly beans. I'm only one woman! My husband doesn't like them much, and my kids are away at school or at work. How do I expect to get through them all? One bag at a time. Oh. I'm out of jelly beans again. Time to head back to the grocery store!

Do you have a sweet tooth? What's your favorite Easter candy?
Coming August 2015, Fueled by Jelly Beans!


  1. I do like jelly beans, but I can resist them. I really like those Cadbury Mini Eggs. I will buy a bad at some point this season.

    1. The mini eggs are yummy, too. They go great with jelly beans! :)

  2. I love Brach's Malted Milk Fiesta Eggs. Mmmmm...I wish they were available throughout the year.

  3. You know, I have never been a big jellybean fan, Sherri. And my Peeps years are behind me. But I still go ga-ga for Cadbury cream eggs and Reece peanut butter eggs. Yum....