Monday, January 26, 2015

Reading Trends

by Susanna Ives

I have a “thing” for the nineteenth century. I can’t explain it except that maybe there is something to those former life theories. I read books written in the 1800’s, and adore the art and the history of that age. I’ve filled my Pinterest pages with all things nineteenth century.  It’s rather weird, I admit.

However, I recently noted an interesting non-1800’s reading trend.

Months ago, I downloaded a bargain book about a woman who becomes a spy for the Allied Powers titled The Time in Between and promptly forgot about.  Then a few weeks ago, I became irritated with the book I was reading, closed it, and thumbed through my Nook library. There was that bargain book waiting.  I opened to the first page and gave it a half-hearted try. Four hundred pages and forty eight hours later, I’m on the edge of my seat and completely hooked into the lives of the book’s characters and their world.  I thought about some of my favorite books The English Patient, Shining Through, and The Wedding Officer (BTW - I really didn’t enjoy the movie versions of these books) and I realized that I also have a “thing” for stories about women in World War II.

What about you? Have you ever noticed an interesting and unexpected trend in your reading choices? 

Susanna Ives is the author of the funny Victorian romances Wicked Little Secrets and the upcoming Wicked, My Love.

Ooh! Pretty cover!

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  1. I love books set in the 40s too! I also like to read new Adult and YA books. I kind of skipped those when I was a kid and went straight to adult, so maybe it's a look back. Love your cover!

    1. Sooo many adults read YA. I guess we are all still thirteen at heart.

  2. TESTAMENT OF YOUTH sent me into a lifelong interest in the Great War. From reading the war poets, to trampling the battlefields in France, and reading BIRDSONG. Certainly it was a defining time in our civilization.
    You're right. A very pretty cover. Congratulations.

  3. World War I was so horrific. Those poor boys in the trenches. Towns that lost all their young men.