Friday, January 9, 2015

New Release: Playing Doctor

First, a big thanks to the Casablanca Authors for inviting me to visit today! I’m thrilled that Playing Doctor—first in the Meeting Men series—debuted earlier this week. I feel so blessed that I was acquired by Deb Werksman at my first RT Booklovers Convention in 2013. But, as a newbie, I was shocked to learn how long it actually takes to get to print. I was dumbfounded when my agent Louise Fury of The Bent Agency told me that this turn around was actually pretty fast. Now, I’ve seen firsthand all the hard work that goes into each book. I hope you don’t mind my taking a moment to offer a very heartfelt THANK YOU to the expert staff at Sourcebooks. I’m so very pleased with everything, especially the gorgeous covers.

So jump ahead a year, and I’m now at RT 2014. No book yet, but one was coming. Attending Sourcebooks’ booksellers party, I felt proud to be one of their authors. I was also a little wistful that my cover wouldn’t be on the posters placed about, since it wasn’t out yet. Sitting with two lovely bookstore reps, I enjoyed learning about their end of the biz, but then…to my surprise when I looked up, directly in front of me was my book cover! I couldn’t help getting excited, and one of the ladies kindly offered to snap a photo.

If you attended RT last spring, you may have seen me about…Kate in the BIG RED HAT. It’s part of my shtick, but really my disguise. I write very naughty stories and need to keep my professional and personal lives separate. This is to protect the innocent—my teenage son and daughter never asked mom to write sex-laden fiction. I don’t want to her teased or my mildly autistic son, who’s likely to haul off and hit anyone who slanders me à la “a slut who writes smut.” So, while I’m enormously proud to be a Sourcebooks author, I’ll remain for the time being…incognito and in my red hat.

There’s also second reason for maintaining anonymity. With my website, I plan to address some of the underlying subject matter of erotic romance, from hearts and flowers, to physical intimacy, to even anecdotes about my “research” for the sex scenes. I hope will become a meeting place where female sensuality can be explored with a reader forum and guest sex-perts.

Which leads me to the keystone of all this…my stories. Playing Doctor inaugurates my Meeting Men series of short story anthologies. Each book is about professional men—handsome doctors, lawyers, professors—and successful women who take charge of their lives and their sexuality. Real women, real men — meeting, loving, having fun!

And, I’m having great fun, too, writing them. My hope is that these quick, steamy reads give hard-working women a few minutes of fantasy “me time.” If they also inspire a little “playing doctor”…that’s even better!

Happy Reading and Happy New Year!  ~ Kate

From Playing Doctor by Kate Allure:

My gaze shifts back into my sexy doctor’s eyes, and I quickly look away, a little embarrassed and definitely overheated. Was that just me or did he feel it too? The office visit continues, and Dr. Sexy-Bedside-Manner continues to enthrall me with his soothing voice and warm demeanor. He is touching my healing foot with his hands, but it is still so swollen that I can’t imagine that the doctor is having any arousing thoughts. It must all be in my head.

However, this time when he’s done examining my foot, his slow reassuring pat is not on my shoulder but on the top of my thigh. With the touch of his hand, I feel an instant rush of hot desire sweep up my leg, coiling at my center. Then my heart starts pounding, and a pleasurable warmth seeps throughout my body.

Brushing the feelings aside, I tell myself my thigh must be easier for him to reach from his low stool. But my heart is still pounding, and my laughing responses to his questions are a bit too breathless. I wonder if the doctor has any idea of the effect he has on me.

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  1. Congrats on your release! I understand your desire to remain anonymous. I write under a pen name to protect my family.

  2. Love the hat! And the steamy passage on this cold, snowy day! :)