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Celebrate Halloween Casablanca Style

Happy Halloween from the Casablanca Authors! We hope you have a fun and spooky day planned. We'd love for you to share some of your Halloween memories. Here are a few of ours!

Shana Galen
I love taking my daughter trick-or-treating with friends. We moms sip wine and steal mini candy bars from the trick-or-treat-bags, and the kids visit house after house until they can't make it to one more.

Princess Galen's first Halloween (2012)

Terry Spear
Ahh, Shana, that's so cute, but where are your costumes?

I took several photos while I was on my grand tour of Minnesota--thanks to Donna Fournier who made it all possible. This was at a working apple orchard.

Halloween decorated shop in Stillwater, MN, oldest city in the state.
And a shop at Mall of America!

And my bears ready to party for Halloween. The wolf is howling, having a great time!

Gina Conkle
Thanks Terry! Count me in for a trip to Mall of America. :-D

Halloween at Casa de Conkle Means...

In times past, a super hero-fest of costume fun with friends...

Moms get pumpkin spice lattes with friends...


Sugar pie pumpkins that I turn into pumpkin pie
(mucho better than the canned stuff)

Happy Halloween and please share your favorite "I-can't-stop-myself-from-eating-it" Halloween candy.

Mine are Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and Snickers. What's yours?

Theresa Romain

Gina, that's a dangerous question. Anything with chocolate is good, but I also really like Laffy Taffy (with the exception of the banana kind). If Little Miss R gets any of that in her trick-or-treat bag, it'll be disappearing.

And now I'm wondering, what's your recipe for pumpkin pie? Because here's how Halloween is going so far at the Romain house. 

1. Little Miss R begs for a pumpkin
2. Mr. R buys one
3. Little Miss R begs to both carve it and eat it (simultaneously? Maybe?)
4. I notice that it's a pie pumpkin and that we really CAN eat it, but not if we carve it
5. Little Miss R decides to decorate it with paints:

And let's not forget
6. Little Miss R and I (but mostly me) get lots of practice cleaning acrylic paint off the furniture and floor.

You see why I steal her candy? I need the energy.

Readers, are you decorating or carving a pumpkin this year? Anyone inspired to paint one? :)

Victoria Roberts

Theresa, that painted pumpkin is just too cute. But cute doesn't begin to describe Halloween at the Roberts' household.

Today is my birthday so I don't think my kids had a chance at being normal.

My daughter has been a horror buff since she was little. She used to take dance, and then she quit when she realized she liked basketball more. This is my daughter in first grade, and this was her dance outfit for Going to the Chapel... Oh, yes. This was totally her design. We were such proud parents. The teachers really loved us that year.

Freddy Krueger in the house!
Since then we've had Freddy Krueger, vampires, witches, and a mad pumpkin prisoner, just to name a few!

Happy Halloween from my clan to yours!

Terri L. Austin

I love seeing all of your pics! Gina, you amaze me with your sugar pumpkin skills. If I get brave enough, or have more than one margarita, I might have to try making a pie from scratch one day. And Theresa, I love the painted pumpkin! Victoria, Happy Halloween Birthday!

Some of my favorite memories are when we'd take the kids to the pumpkin patch/apple orchard or "porchard" as my daughter used to call it. My kids are in college now, too cool playing beer pong to come home and hang out with me, but I love this photo of the three of us.
My advice? Steal their candy while you've still got the chance and cherish the memories. Happy Halloween!

Carolyn Brown

In our house there used to be a linen closet in the hallway. It has been converted into a picture closet (bet y'all thought I was going to say it's been turned into a place to hide dead bodies) and somewhere in those dozens of shoe boxes crammed full of "real" pictures are the two I wanted to share with you today. But, alas, I do not have the time or patience to get them all down and hunt down the two so I'll tell you about them.

Picture it: 1974, Tishomingo, Oklahoma! Amy was almost three. Lemar had just turned six. And they were all excited because their mama managed an apartment complex and that meant 50 places they could knock on the door and say trick or treat. So Lemar is ready and he is a Texas gentleman complete with vest, moustache and his dark hair slicked back and I'm getting Amy ready. He's standing in the doorway (impatiently wiggling and squirming and this is BEFORE the candy business) and says to me, "What is she anyway?" I answered, "She's going to be a lady." And he rolled his big green eyes and said, "YOU are going to make a lady out of that?" Somewhere in that closet is the picture to prove that at one time in 1974, I had a Texas gentleman and a real lady.

Picture it: 1999, Davis, Oklahoma! Amy has two little girls and our youngest daughter, Ginny, has one at this time and they want to come to my house and give out candy. So the older two dress up as angels which didn't take nearly as much work as making their mama a lady twenty three years before. And since the oldest granddaughter is already a dancer there's this cute little yellow duck outfit in the costume box that Ginny uses for the younger of the three. So we have a bubble butt duck and two angels with slightly crooked haloes racing for the door every time the door bell rings. BUT on at least one occasion the trick or treaters terrified the little yellow duck and the picture shows her and the littlest angel peeking around the table to be sure those monsters didn't try to steal the bigger angel.

Maybe it's best I can't find those pictures or there might be at least one dead body in that closet! Y'all have a lovely Halloween. Isn't it nice it's on Friday so that the kids and parents can sleep in on Saturday because you know that it'll be a late night with all that sugar consumption!


For me, Halloween is all about the spooky thrills and the joy of dressing up. Even though I don't much like candy, I loved trick or treating. Alas, my son has now decided that he is too old, and with the stoicism of a typical 13 year old boy, has avoided all Halloween fun this year.

That didn't stop me from getting into the spirit. I joined a club online where we binge-watched horror movies every night. And I participated in a Halloween themed book signing.

For the signing I made "custom" kit-kats

And last night I made roasted pumpkin seeds and carved a Freddy Krueger pumpkin

Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Readers, share some of your memories in the comments!


  1. Hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween! It's raining here. :(

  2. Great post! I remember when in grade school crying my eyes out because it was pouring outside and my parents wanted me to skip trick or treating (my sister was already in jr. high and deemed herself too old). They finally gave in and I went as a hobo. We lived on a hill so I didn't go to very many houses and while walking back home my brown grocery bag got so wet that the bottom fell out and apples rolled down the hill but I was able to save a handful of candy. But I was happy lol.

  3. Thanks for the delightful post. I love the expression on kids faces on Halloween. Even as Freddie, you see their happiness. Kids rule.


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