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The Things We Do for Family by Jane Ashford

Katharine Daltry, the heroine of my book The Marchington Scandal (just reissued), had enough of high society when she was younger. But she can’t resist the pleas of a country cousin who’s come up to town for the Season. Only how can she help? She has no influence over the society siren who has fascinated her cousin’s rustic husband. She does know someone who might, but he’s the last man on earth she’d ask – handsome, heartless Lord Stonenden. They’ve barely spoken since she refused his proposal five years ago. But when it’s family, you do what you have to do. Right? So Katharine sets out to separate young Tom Marchington from his sultry obsession.
For his part, Stonenden finds the spectacle curiously fascinating. He no longer has any interest in Katharine, of course. Since she had the effrontery to reject him, he’s moved on to far more uncomplicated…endeavors. Yet somehow he can’t help but watch. Then he just has to give the campaign a small push. And finally he finds himself totally embroiled in the lovely Katharine’s schemes, with no desire whatsoever to resist.
Was there a time when you just had to put yourself out for family? Even though you weren’t sure what you could do? Comment to win copies of my two recent releases – The Bargain and The Marchington Scandal.
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  1. This looks great - congrats on your release!

  2. Don't most of us at one time or another! I normally give in to most of my family members. Some people just seem to want their way all the time!

    1. Catslady, you're the winner of the two books. Email me at to let me know where to send them. Congrats!

  3. Ooh, sounds intriguing! Yup, been there done that. And times I stand back and watch it happen for the betterment of the person. We do a lot for family!

  4. Happy re launch Jane! It sounds like a book for me :) And yes indeed, family does keep us hopping! LOL

  5. I can think of several times I've tried to help out after being asked.... I can also think of a few where a family member had to be told "No, not this time. You have to do it one your own." Not a much fun as a relatively easy fix.

  6. I'm always there for my family, I help in any way I can - without pushing help on them or shouldering their responsibilities. Usually it's just to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on, but I know that's important too.

  7. I'd love to know why she changed her mind about him after all that time!


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