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It's a Contemporary Kind of Year...for Family

I like to write romance. Period. Not to say I wouldn't write in other genres, but romance is what I love. I've always written across genres. I'm a huge paranormal and scifi romance kind of gal. But lately I've found myself swimming in contemporary waters. And you know, it's fun.

I can tend to be a control freak, so creating my own worlds with my own rules has always appealed to me. But I've found that playing in the real world with fictional characters is just as challenging and appealing as writing about shifters in space. *grin*

My heroes are hard-working, blue-collar men. My heroines have flaws and vulnerabilities. But what binds them all together is family.

You can't help being born into one, whether it's happy, sad, boisterous, dysfunctional, "perfect." Everyone's got parents and maybe siblings, and you can't choose them, only how you deal with them. But you can choose your friends. The friend family is a pretty important thing in life, I think. Friends round us out as people and help us get through dark days. They provide laughter, help heal the tears, and stand by us through thick and thin.

When I'm having a "moment," I often call one of my best friends out in Arizona. Despite the distance, we talk daily. And she's a great one to listen to me vent and provide a solid sounding board. Thanks to the internet and the wonder of the cell phone, we can talk whenever and wherever. Life is good.

Add some romance books into the mix, and I really couldn't ask for better. *grin*

What are you favorite types of romance? And who's your go-to when you need to bend an ear? Friend or family? Or both?

Marie Harte
NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author


  1. I never thought I'd enjoy reading contemporary romance as much as I do, but I think it's your fault. LOL! I so love your McCauley brothers stories that I'm a convert now. And I love mainstream contemporary fiction, too, even though I write fantasy. Right now I'm having trouble putting down a mainstream book called Breaking Twig by Deborah Epperson.

    I'm going to give the boring answer to your question of who I go to to bend an ear. That would be my husband. :)

    1. :) So glad I lured you to the dark side...of contemporary romance. LOL And as far as sharing with your husband, hey, that's what he's there for! Well, and to move heavy furniture. Ha!

  2. I like every romance genre. My favorites are historical, YA, New Adult, and contemporary.

    1. Hey Shana.
      I'm trying NA just as soon as I finish a few projects. And by that I mean reading a few. I'm still a little unsure about the genre's definitions, because I've seen a lot of romances called NA, and sometimes the characters are in their mid-20s! Confusing, but it seems like a popular genre, so I'm eager to read a few. :)


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