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Trouble With a Highland Bride Launch Party

I am so excited to be launching Trouble With a Highland Bride!  This is the third novella in my Campbell Brides series and is the medieval prequel to my next Regency novel, Winter Wedding, which will be released next month. In the Campbell Brides trilogy, Laird Campbell invites several clans for a May Day celebration, but an English army crashes the party, intent on besieging the castle.
Gwyn Campbell was certain she would meet her future husband at the May Day clan gathering, but she did not anticipate the troublesome English would chose that moment to put her castle under attack, and she certainly never expected to come across an injured English knight. She takes the errant knight captive only to find he is none other than their hated enemy, the English Captain Jack Lockton. Even more surprising, he is shockingly... handsome. On the verge of war, the forbidden love between Gwyn and Lockton may be their only hope.

Although this is the third novella in the series, I actually began with this story first. I knew from the start that spirited Gwyn Campbell would accidentally imprison Jack Lockton. It took me a while to work out the rest, but I knew she would hold him captive, fall in love, and together they would save the day (ummmm- hope that didn't give too much away!).  They also are the ancestors to my Regency hero, James Lockton, the Duke of Marchford from Winter Wedding. Marchford has a penchant for intrigue, which I'm pretty sure comes from his wild Highland great, great, great, etc. grandmother Gwyn.
Be sure to also check out the first two books in the Campbell brides trilogy, Highland Bride's Choice, which is the medieval prequel to Wedding in Springtime, and Wrong Highland Bridegroom, which in the medieval prequel to Midsummer Bride.  Those Campbell sisters had quite a time choosing the most unexpected husbands at the May Day clan gathering. To get you started, Highland Bride's Choice is right now being offered FREE on Kindle, Nook, and Apple!
Having a hard time figuring out how all these books are connected? I created a new "Books" main page on my website, which hopefully helps to make everything clear.  Let me know what you think!


  1. Congrats on the release, Amanda!

  2. What gorgeous covers, and what a fun premise. Enemies in the same camp...delicious story that I must get for my daughter who reads all y'alls great historical books while my contemps draw dust on the shelf! Such is each their own!

    1. Thanks! Your cowboys are like the Highlanders of the West - I love them!

  3. Congrats on the release and thank you so much for the freebie!


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