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Holiday time & free novella!

At the moment I’m in New Zealand. It’s probably really cold…actually I know it will be really cold as I’m going to spend a few days skiing which I’ve never done before.

I think you’ve guessed that I pre-wrote this blog and scheduled it before I went on holiday, I promise there will be pics next month. 

In the lead up to going on holiday I made a detailed schedule of all the things I needed to get done before we went away. I had Annwyn #4 1st draft to finish the next ES Siren to polish and the next In A Bottle story to get to my editor. I did have several other jobs pencilled in but it quickly became apparent they weren’t going to happen.

I don’t write on holiday, but I do plot. So I packed an idea for the last In a Bottle story (there are only so many ways to free a genie…you can check out 2 in Boyfriend in a Bottle and Temptation in a Bottle)

The other thing I had to do was get new puzzle/coloring in books and reading books for the kids. Youngest is a fussy reader, but eldest will devour anything. 

Because I’m a genius I’d also volunteered to teach a session at an online conference 3 days before we flew out. What was I thinking! I’m sure it went fine… 

So while I may not be sipping mojitos by a pool (I know it’s summer in the US) I will be having hot chocolates surrounded by snow and beautiful scenery. I hope I remembered to pack my thermals…

While I’m away enjoy a free merman novella: An Elemental Tail
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Four hundred years ago, Nik was tricked by his lover and left stranded as a powerless, but immortal, human. Now he craves only one thing: to reclaim the book that was once his tail and become a water Elemental again. Unfortunately, he can only locate the book when someone touches the pages. This time he won't be left high and dry.

Isla is left a beautiful leather-bound book in her great-aunt's will, perfect for using during her life drawing classes. However, she can't bring herself to mark the translucent pages until a compelling crimson-haired stranger strips for art.

Nik is torn. Years of enforced humanity have given him a conscience. Despite his best efforts at remaining a heartless water Elemental, he is failing. He is falling for Isla, who has no idea she holds the power of the oceans, and his heart, in her hands.

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  1. It is hard to imagine a vacation in snow and having hot chocolate when it's over 90 degrees here and we're drinking iced tea! Enjoy your vacation and plot away on another lovely book!


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