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A New Series Begins by Jane Ashford

The hero of my book The Bargain, which was re-released August 5, has five brothers. And he’s the son of a duke. The story was praised by The Romance Reader for “great wit [and] funny family relations.”

Family relations…hmm.

Why, I suddenly wondered, didn’t each of those brothers have a love story all his own? They certainly deserved them. Nathaniel, Viscount Hightower, the responsible eldest. Sebastian, the dashing cavalry major. Randolph, the ambitious churchman. Robert, the suave town beau. James, the naval officer, back from sailing the South Seas. Such different men; such intriguing possibilities.

And so a new Regency series was born – The Duke’s Sons. I’m busily writing, and before too long, you’ll have a chance to find out the results of all the matchmaking done by Ariel, the heroine of The Bargain. I must say, I’m really enjoying the “funny family relations.”

If you want to meet the Greshams, you can try The Bargain right now.

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