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World building with friends

Over the last 12 months I had the opportunity to work on two continuities. One I was invited to join (and which I can’t say more about until the big announcement…but it is contemporary). The other I kind of started because I had an idea for a sci-fi romance series that would be fun to write with other people. Both were totally different experiences as for the first there was a story bible, and for the second—ES Siren series—we had to make it up as we went along. 

Both were (or in the case of Siren which is ongoing, are) lots of fun and something different to sitting there at the computer plugging away at a novel in your own world. 

The ES Siren series is set in the reasonably near future, yet far enough in the future that humans have established a research base on another habitable planet. This is a good thing as big business ended up winning/bribing their way into power and the Earth is heavily polluted. 

Those couple of sentences took many, many emails to work out because even though all of the action happens on the ship Siren, we had no know where our characters were coming from. 

Building the ship, deciding on how many people and what roles they fulfilled or would fulfill was another hundred emails or so. Dropbox became our best friend. However once the ideas were going everything meshed together like magic.

A year after pitching the idea (yep, we hadn’t actually written anything just plotted and brainstormed). The first three books are going to be released on August 28. They’re available for pre-order now:

Yours to Uncover (ES Siren 1) by Mel Teshco

Yours to Command (ES Siren 2) by Shona Husk

Yours to Desire (ES Siren 3) by Denise Rossetti 

We've also made a blog which at the moment features character diaries from before the launch :) The cover reveal is coming soon—they look awesome!

The next three books will be out in November…and fingers crossed there’ll be more to come.

Working on these continuities was a great experience which I hope I get to repeat. Writing a contemporary story was a new kind of challenge as I couldn’t slip in any magic, shapeshifters, goblins or fairies. But I think I pulled it off, guess I'll find out next year ;)

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