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Happy Independence Day Weekend! Savage Hunger Audio Rights Sold! To Tantor!!!

I was surprised when I was a Girl Scout Troop Leader and my troop didn't know the meaning of the 4th of July. So we did a study unit on what it was all about.

Then years later when my son was in college, taking a first year American history class, the teacher was mentioning Independence Day and one girl raised her hand and said, "Cool that it happened on a holiday."

This was foooor real. Really. Truly. Real.

I would have felt sorry for her had I been there, except that it's really sad. Really. Seriously. What are we teaching our kids anyway?

Okay, so it's also really, really funny. Too.

Hey, I don't need to make up stories. It's all just...out there.


Back to writing! What? You think I'm off to celebrate??
I am, when I write. :)

Oh, and take pictures. This is a baby bunny. Isn't he adorable? I scared him when I was watering. And a dragonfly on a pyracantha that was blowing hard in the wind, and the dragonfly was flapping his wings like crazy, so I was surprised to see such a clear picture of him. And then the 2nd one shows up: Look who's coming to dinner! Yep, a 2nd one! 

And sometimes I philosophize over the photos I take:

Life is Like a Rose
It’s born.
IMG_5845 (640x592)
It spreads its sepals, awakening to the world.
IMG_5846 (640x640)
It spreads its petals to experience more of its surroundings.
IMG_5847 (640x427)
It welcomes the sun and the rain and the fauna with open petals.
IMG_5849 (640x427)
It is life.

Oh, and, can you tell I'm a writer? I don't know when to quit! But I just realized, though I've announced this all over, I haven't here--Savage Hunger rights sold to Tantor. So guess what???
It will be in audiobook, and the narrator who is doing the voice is the same one who has done some of Larissa Ione's. Love her voice.
This is the first hunky jaguar book in the series, and the first Tantor audiobook for me, so I'm ultra-excited!

I've had a lot of requests from fans to see the wolf stories in audiobook also. Maybe this will be a start if sales are good. :)

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. love your books. Your nature pictures are great,I love flowers so I take a lot of flower pictures also.

  2. Sonia, aren't they beautiful? I love taking pictures. I find some of the red flowers seem to absorb all the light, or something. They don't seen to turn out as well as the pink or white ones. :) Thanks for loving my books!

  3. WooHoo! I'm excited! CONGRATS! You know I love your books!

  4. Thanks so much, Linda!!! I'm thrilled. Can't wait to listen to it! :)

  5. Yay on the audio books! And Mr. B and I were just talking about all the people who have no idea what this holiday is about...crazy, isn't it? Where are our wonderful history teachers? Loved your post, as usual!

    1. Thanks so much, Carolyn! Yes, it's sad, really. Loved history, but I guess it's not part of the "tested" curriculum any longer. :(

    2. Fantastic news Terry! You rock!

  6. Lovely rose photos. Congrats on the audio book. I am a huge fan of them

  7. Wow! Happy dance for you, congrats! Thanks for the beautiful pix.


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