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Gifts that Keep On Giving

Once upon a time, my grandmother was a wonderful giver of gifts. She always knew just the right thing to delight the recipient...

Er, not exactly true. When I was a small child, she always gave me clothes. No child wants to open a box and find a new outfit instead of the doll they had their eyes on for months at the toy shop. Well, my sister did. She loved getting clothes... All right...

My grandmother, an excellent gift giver when it came to everyone else on the planet, never knew quite what to get me. I guess I was a mystery to her. As evidence of this, I present...
The faux brass monkey. Faux, because it's not even brass. It's made of plastic designed to look like brass, my Christmas gift from Grandma in 2005. 

By 2005, I was used to getting gifts from Grandma that didn't make much sense to me. I was well-versed in "It's the thought that counts" and grateful for everything she gave, even if it went in the back of a closet. But the monkey... oh, that monkey! 

Honestly, it floored me. I couldn't imagine what she was thinking when she bought it, and why she decided to give it me. I hate monkeys. Hate is a strong word... Monkeys kind of freak me out a little. But Grandma thought it would make a nifty planter or candy jar, and who better to appreciate it? 

At the time, I was a regular blogger on a group author site called the Whine Sisters. I blogged about Grandma's Gift of the Year (Century?) and it became a sort of Whine Sisters mascot. Occasionally, I still get questions about the monkey. It has a place of honor on my bookshelf and now it reminds me of Grandma, who passed away in 2010. I keep stamps in it. 

My dear friend Julia London, who was also a founding Whine Sister, was amused to show me a shop called The Brass Monkey when we were in New Orleans together recently for RT. We shared a laugh and a toast to Grandma.

The monkey even makes a special appearance in Thornbrook Park, with a slight makeover to become one of a pair of gilded monkey bookends. Now when you read it, you'll maybe smile and know that the monkey is a hidden tribute to my grandmother. 

Have you ever gotten a special gift like the monkey? Is there someone who just doesn't get you when it comes to giving you gifts? 

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  1. I can't wait to read your latest and spot the monkey :) Thanks for this post, Sherri.

  2. Oh, yes. Now I want to re-read and spot the monkey. I have received some...special gifts. I'm not mentioning them here, though. Don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

  3. Yes, ma'am, but I'm pleading the Shana Galen our family we passed around an ugly duck for many years. It was ceramic and dressed in a chef's apron and toque, was holding a fish in one hand and a knife in the other. Husband gave it to our son for Christmas after a misfortune when Son put a healthy dose of dill in the stew he was making (in his trying to be a chef days). Then Son passed it on to one of his sisters who put lipstick on the duck and handed it off to her sister who "accidentally broke" the things head off so she fixed it got it...duct tape and passed it on to another relative. I'm not sure where it is but I don't want to get it in my Christmas present this year! LOL

    1. I don't know why I never considered regifting the monkey. :)

  4. I have some fond memories of gifts from one of my grandma's: two years in a row, she gave a "purse siren" about the size of a 5 inch flashlight. Then, many years later, my husband and I were gifted with one of those mounted singing fish. We actually loved that one...cracked up more than once over that gift.

  5. Not really

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  6. Well, my sister in law gives me gifts sometimes that I don't why she thinks I'd like!! I got a ceramic canister set that looks like an English castle or Buckingham Palace, never could figure out which one! She just knew I'd love it and I thought it was the ugliest thing I'd ever seen!!

  7. oh, no, not fake brass. LOL, too funny. I got underwear once from mine. That was it. I was fine without. They were like 10 sizes toooo big. LOL Great post, Sherri!!!


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