Friday, May 16, 2014

Welcome to Texas!

I'm more than a little bit green with jealousy this week because many of my Casa Buddies are at RT and this year it's in New Orleans. But alas, my granddaughter is graduating and it just wouldn't be right for her Nene (that's pronounced Knee-Knee) not to be there to hear her salutatorian speech. But thinking about conference time and looking forward to RWA in San Antonio this year, I thought I'd welcome all y'all to my birth state...TEXAS!

As you all know, Texas is not only my birth state but also my "setting" state. At least half of my books have been set in Texas...there's just something drool worthy about a Texas cowboy!

Here to welcome you as you drive into the state are the blue bonnets...the Texas state flower!

And if you are driving from one side of the state to the other, don't forget to reset your clocks when you go past the time zone.

Driving in Texas is exhilarating with the wide open spaces but slow down, darlin', and enjoy the sights.

Be sure to pay attention to all signs whether they it has to do with bulls or fire ants. Those pesky little critters are everywhere in Texas and their DNA comes straight from Lucifer. I'm speakin' the honest-to-goodness truth here folks!

You know that what they say about everything being bigger in Texas...when it comes to mosquitoes, it's NOT an old wives tale. It's the gospel truth so if you are going walking on the River Walk after dark, don't forget the insect repellant.

We're all about food in Texas! From breakfast to barbecue to sweet tea. So sit back and enjoy your vittles!

Talking about what y'all might want to pack for RWA this year, if you plan to do some sight seeing in the day light hours, then you for sure want to pack sun block...a gallon should be enough. Because we do believe in hugging the shade trees in July. 

A quick lesson in Texas grammar here...
just so you won't have to buy a translation book!
FIXIN' TO is really the state verb. It means about to or plannin' to and by the time you go home, you'll be sayin' it like a native after you hear it so much!

And a crash course in the weather.
It will be HOT in the mornings, HOTTER in the afternoons, HOTTEST just before the sun goes down and HOT all night long. So bring flip flops and cool clothing.

So now you are ready for RWA. Pack your bags and come on to Texas. We're waitin' on you with open arms!


  1. I am a fellow Texan (I wasn't born here, but I got here as quickly as I could) and I loved your post. Thanks!

  2. LSUReader, thank you so much for dropping by and I do love that saying about getting here as quickly as I could.

  3. I'm in Texas too. Welcome, Carolyn!

  4. I won't make it there but I definitely enjoy hearing those special phrases!

  5. You had me laughing at some of those signs, Carolyn! Thanks a million for sharing!