Saturday, May 10, 2014


Maybe it's because I went to a women's college and I've always worked in fields dominated by women (yeah!), but I've never understood that whole "women tear each other down" myth. Sure, I've known some mean girls, and guys (haven't we all?) but most women I know share motivation, inspiration, and support.

I have two biological sisters. A slightly older sister, and a much younger sister. My younger sister is getting married in July. Her bridal shower was on May 3 and had a Kentucky Derby theme. We all got to wear hats! Trust me, you need more opportunities to dress up and wear hats. So fun!
With my mom, my sisters, and my nieces. I'm in the purple fascinator.

But I have more than two sisters, actually. I have very strong friendships with women who I consider my sisters. Some of them I met in school. Some I met at writing conferences. Authors Dee Davis, Julie Kenner, and Julia London are close enough to be my sisters by now. And I never would have met them if I was too shy to open up and say hi at writing events. They had their first books coming out when I was releasing mine, and over time we all became closer. But it took making that first step, just saying hi.
Julia London and Dee Davis.

With Dee Davis and Julie Ortolon
I may not have mentioned this before, but... I'm shy. Fifteen years ago, I attended my first Romance Writers of America conference and I didn't know anybody. I felt awkward. But I just started talking to people, and sure enough... most of my friends are now writers. If you're headed to New Orleans for the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention this week, don't be shy! Step out of your comfort zone and talk to people. Just walk on up and say hi. Fifteen years later, you might be talking about how you met your sisters. I would be lost without them.

Mother's Day is great, and Happy Mother's Day to all. But I like to celebrate my sisters, too. Happy weekend to women everywhere!

That first book released fifteen years ago is now available for ereaders. Check it out!

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The scoundrel's surprise...
Six years of Lady Shelbourne's School for Girls gave her polish. But nothing could tame the passion Calandra Locke felt for Sir Scarborough Weston, her father's employer, the man she'd loved since childhood. She knew that Scar remembered her as a horseback-riding hoyden, but surely he would be stunned by the woman she had become. Callie was determined to be his wife. No one knew him better, could make him happier than she. If only he would let her . . .

The scoundrel's dilemma....
How could Scarborough Weston tell his steward's daughter that his desire for her was the one feeling he could not afford to indulge? After all, he was a notorious rake whose fascination with a woman lasted no longer than a successful seduction. He vowed never to hurt Callie, and tried to keep her at arm's length. But even as he set about finding her a suitable husband, Callie's unconventional beauty tested his resolve, her passionate nature teasing him, tempting him, driving him out of control and making him do the unthinkable. Could he really be falling in love? 


  1. I've always worked in mostly female-dominated areas too (teaching, romance-writing). I love working with women and I think overall we're really supportive of one another. I have a sister too, and she's my best friend.

  2. I worked in an all female owned and operated newspaper business for many years until I was fortunate enough to sell a few books and be a full time writer. After fifteen years, we are all still good friends! Great post, ma'am.
    Lost my only sister last year so I'm very grateful for my author sisters! Happy Mother's day to family, friends and fans!

    1. I'm sorry that you're missing your sister, Carolyn.

  3. I love this post! Women do support each other in so many ways, and....although men are has been my experience that women understand each other on a different level. Have a wonderful Mothers Day :D

    1. Thanks, Kelly! A wonderful Mother's Day to you, too. :)