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Keeping still is HARD for a whippet!

We have two dogs. Oliver, our toy poodle, was neutered at around eight months old. The other, our beautiful whippet girl named Eden (Edie for short), wasn't spayed for a long time. We toyed with the idea of showing her (we've never done this before) but eventually we decided against the idea. She's now three and a half years old. Dealing with her heat cycles was a bit of a pain, of course. But I was worried about surgery, so we'd put it off. Finally, though, we decided to bite the bullet and took her in to get spayed last Friday.
I was quite happy "broke", thanks guys.

Whippets are sighthounds, closely related to the larger greyhound breed. They're the second fastest breed of dog, clocking in at top speeds of around thirty-five miles per hour. They're lean, leggy and muscled, and have very little body fat in most cases. They can also be very sensitive to anesthesia, so I was really nervous going into last Friday. Fortunately, we've got a great vet, and she knows the breed well. Edie's surgery went off without a hitch. They did a dental cleaning at the same time (such narrow muzzles tend to make whippet's teeth get scuzzy fast!) so she got the complete package. 

We picked her up on Saturday with some antibiotics for her gum inflammation and two types of pain meds. Oliver the poodle stayed with my parents so we could keep a better watch on Edie. The first day or two she was really uncomfortable. She jumped onto the couch before I could stop her, and her little yelp of pain broke my heart. So I sat on the floor for the rest of the afternoon so she wouldn't be tempted to try jumping up again. 
Convalescing on the new living-room mattress

Saturday night, we moved our mattress to the middle of the living room floor. I was afraid she'd get into bed with us (which happens about every other night) so we didn't want to take the chance of her jumping onto our high bed. We've slept on the floor every night since. (Attempted to move back into the bedroom Tuesday, but the jump-yelp happened again. So back to the floor we went.)

She's been feeling increasingly better over the week. We've kept her on a leash for potty breaks even though we've got a large fenced-in yard, because whippets LOVE to run. To the point of not noticing pain because of their high adrenaline. We've got some wild bunnies living t the corner of our yard who have no problem hopping through the chain link fence. Edie's predatory instincts are way stronger than her "hey, that hurts" trigger. So leash-walking will continue until the stitches come out on Monday. She's convinced the bunnies will have taken over completely by then, despite my arguments to the contrary.
Edie's preferred laying position when she's not recovering!

She tries to play with the poodle. She tries to chase our cat. She's attempting "zoomies" through the house at least once per night. She's gone after the bunnies and nearly choked herself on the end of the leash. 

Just a few more days of keeping still. I keep telling myself that she'll feel better soon, and this will be worth it when we don't have to put panties on her twice a year. 

I may not have two-legged kids, but my four-legged ones are a definite handful. But I adore them more than I can say. 

Keep feeling better, Miz Edie-Bones! 

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  1. Those are such gorgeous dogs. I'm sure she will recover 100%.

  2. I know she'll feel better soon and be ready to run...what beautiful dogs!

  3. I think it's harder with animals because you can't explain things to them. She's a beauty.

  4. Thanks guys! Stitches come out Monday, and I know she'll be glad!

  5. What wonderful people Edie has to take such loving care of her. I bet when she's around other dogs she brags about HER peeps!

  6. So glad your puppy is getting better!


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