Saturday, May 17, 2014

In Shana Galen

After the long winter we've had, it may be difficult to believe that summer is coming. But it's actually already arrived in Houston. And if you were or are at the RT convention in New Orleans, you might have noticed it arrived there too!

Technically, the month of May isn't summer, and I actually like May in Houston. It's July and August that stifle me. But this month is a great time for outdoor movies. I took Princess Galen to an outdoor Frozen sing-a-long last weekend.

It's also a good time to go bathing suit shopping...wait, no time is a good time for that. Let's skip that one. Let's just say that swimming weather is upon us.

It's the perfect time to try new hairstyles designed to keep you cool.
Or add to your summer reading list. ;-)
 Or enjoy graduations, end-of-year award ceremonies, and plan summer vacations.

What do you love about summer? Be warned, if it's bathing suit shopping, we might hate you.


  1. What I love about summer time is the fact that I can walk outside without freezing my toes off. I live in Minnesota and this winter was one of the coldest in a while. We had negative degrees for a good 4 months. I am definitely looking forward to sunshine this summer. I love the flowers that bloom and the sun setting late into the evening.

    P.s. Princess Galen's hairstyle is cute! Do you watch How-to videos on youtube? Well, if you want more inspiration for different hairstyles look up "cutegirlshairstyles" on youtube. I always pick up new styles and ideas. They have tons of videos great for young girls (and older too).

  2. Definitely NOT bathing suit shopping! What I like most about summer is that I don't have to change clothes and bundle up to go to the barn!

  3. I love wearing flip-flops and fewer layers of clothing! Beautiful hairstyle...although I am never patient enough to do the fancy braids.

  4. Loved your photos, Shana. What a darling little girl!