Thursday, May 22, 2014

Going Public by Editor Deb Werksman

RT seems to get better every year, and this year was off the charts. New Orleans has the BEST FOOD (Oysters Rockefeller anyone?) and then I got to work it off every morning at Sara Humphreys’ 7 am (yes, you read that right) fitness extravaganza. There was a core group of us working our core. Sara promises to do it again next year, don’t miss it—25 minutes of the T25 workout, easily adaptable. I bought the DVDs as soon as I got home because after only 3 days I felt thinner (is that a figment of a fevered imagination? Or are my jeans really more comfortable?).

Huge shout-out to Julie Ann Walker, who hit the NYT and USA Today lists right smack in the middle of RT for the 6th time, with her 6th book in the Black Knights, Inc. series HELL FOR LEATHER. You’re a rock star, Julie Ann!

So here’s what I love most about RT, RWA, and all the local conferences—it’s the place where we who love romance fiction can go public about our enthusiasm. Back at home, things happen like this: My dad says to me, “now that you’re editing romance fiction, do you ever get to read any real books?” I made him read THE HEIR by Grace Burrowes at that point. He loved it, and read THE SOLDIER on his own volition. So there!

There’s a big conversation here about respect for romance fiction, and what readers get out of it, which I blogged about a couple of months ago.

Meanwhile, I promised Barbara Vey that I would tweet at least once a day and Facebook at least once a week. She thought that was hilarious.

So I’m actively looking for good stuff to re-tweet/post—whatcha got?


  1. It was so great to see you and catch up with everyone. I, um, missed the Oysters Rockefeller and that's okay. I did go to Sara's fit camp. That was a great workout!

  2. "real" books - grrrrr. And those were two great books for him to read :) Just keep talking about books and authors :)

  3. I think many aspiring authors would be interested in what you do every day. So, in meetings, talking about scheduling, etc. would be great tweets!

  4. I try to have daily themes to help me keep up with posting. Tuesday is eye candy day. Wednesday, wit and wisdom. Thursday is widely known as #tbt (throwback thursday). You can post all those old pictures that you really don't want to share. Fun, right? ;-)

  5. I'm still pouting because I didn't get to go...but next year it's only two hours from where I live so woo-hoo! I'd love anything you want to talk about Deb on FB! I haven't gotten into the twitter business.