Friday, January 3, 2014

Launch Party + Giveaway: One Rogue Too Many

Hi, everyone! It's Samantha. I’m so excited to be with my fellow Casablanca Authors celebrating the upcoming release of my newest regency historical romance novel One Rogue Too Many. It is the first book in my new series called Rival Rogues. Release day is Jan 7th! Available for preorder now. 

Here’s a quick summary of the story:

From the betting book at Brooks’s Gentleman’s Club: 
Wager: £2,000 that Lord Ellis will throw the first punch when he discovers Lord Thorne is wooing a certain duke’s sister.
All bets are off when the game is love
Lady Gabrielle is thrilled when she learns Anthony Keaton, Earl of Ellis, wants to ask for her hand in marriage. She’s not so pleased when he then leaves the country and four months pass without a word. Clearly, the scoundrel has changed his mind and is too cowardly to tell her. There’s nothing to do but go back on the marriage mart…
When Anthony returns to Town and finds his ultimate rival has set sights on Gabby, his continual battle of one-upmanship with Sebastian Thorne ceases to be a game. Anthony is determined to win back the woman who holds his heart—but he’s not expecting Gabby herself to up the stakes…

Poor Lady Gabrielle is in quite the bind. How does one choose between a golden Adonis and a tall, dark, and devilishly handsome scoundrel?

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with the classic love triangle story. I usually have a hands-down favorite hero to pair up with the heroine, but my heart aches for the jilted one. Why does anyone have to lose at love? Fortunately, even the broken-hearted rival rogue is given another chance for romance in my series, because everyone needs a happy-ending. (In Bed with a Rogue is the second book in the Rival Rogues series. Look for it September 2, 2014)

Just for fun, I've created a little quiz to help anyone choose the perfect rogue. Complete the sentences with the answer that best fits you, keep track of your choices, and then check the results at the end of the quiz. Are you ready?

How to Choose the Perfect Rogue

If I were Scarlett O'Hara, I would choose
a. Rhett Butler
b. Ashley Wilkes
c. Potatoes

Elena Gilbert's (The Vampire Diaries) true love is
a. Damon
b. Stefan
c. Martyrdom

When it comes to Pirates of the Caribbean, I would like to spend more time with
a. Jack Sparrow
b. Will Turner
c. The parrot

The Casablanca quote I find most appealing is...
a. Rick Blaine: I'm on their blacklist - their roll of honor!
b. Victor Laszlo: You might as well question why we breathe. If we stop breathing, we'll die. If we stop fighting our enemies, the world will die.
c. Captain Renault: I like to think you killed a man. It's the Romantic in me.

If I were Sookie Stackhouse's best friend from True Blood, I would
a. Tell her to pick the Viking (Eric)
b. Tell her to settle down with Alcide and raise a pack of kids together
c. Update my last will and testament

On the TV show Lost, Kate's perfect match was
a. Sawyer
b. Dr. Jack
c. One of The Others

My perfect man
a. Isn’t easily discouraged
b. Would risk his life just to be with me
c. Nobody's perfect

Time to score your quiz

If you chose mostly…

As – You like the bad boy with witty one-liners and a smile that makes you weak in the knees. His confidence gets your pulse racing. And when he allows you a glimpse of the good heart he keeps hidden from others, you’re a goner. Dark haired, brown-eyed Sebastian, Baron Thorne, would be your choice.

Bs – You have a fondness for the quiet type. Still waters run deep. You like the challenge of getting your man to drop his defenses and letting you see the real deal, because when he finally lets you in, you know you’re special. Trust doesn’t come easily to a man who has been betrayed, but true love eases the way. Golden haired, blue-eyed Anthony Keaton, Earl of Ellis, is your pick.

Cs – Girl! You are quirky. I love it! Your perfect rogue gets your sense of humor.      

Tell me which hero you chose for a chance to win one of two copies of One Rogue Too Many. (US and Canada only)

To connect with Samantha…

Don’t let regency romance author Samantha Grace’s sweet smile fool you. She has a wicked sense of humor, and she’s not above embarrassing her characters for a good laugh. Part-time hospice social worker, moonlighting author, and pilates nut, she enjoys a happy and hectic life with her real life hero and two kids in the Midwest.


  1. My choices split between the A's and C's...Thanks for a fun post and giveaway.

  2. Oops, I think I'm still stuck in the love triangle! I got 3 A's and 3 B's.....can I keep them both? haha

    Congrats on the book release, Samantha! Can't wait to read it :)

    ahui89 at hotmail dot com

  3. I love this quiz! I can't wait to read about your rogues! I wish she could have both :)

  4. LSUReader,

    Hahaha… I think Anthony could handle a quirky sense of humor. It could do him some good. :)

    Thanks for stopping by and playing along.

  5. Thank you, Ada!

    Well, I suppose if they are BOTH perfect for you, there's really no choice but to take both gentlemen. ;D

  6. Thank you, Christy!

    Do you think it's the romance writer in us that needs everyone to have a HEA? :)

  7. I got mostly Bs, although I haven't seen all the shows. I think B fits :-)

  8. Shana,
    Do you know I've never seen Casablanca? How could that be? I knew it was a love triangle and looking up quotes makes me want to see it now. The dialogue is so snappy and fun!

  9. Guess Thorne is my man. When can I come and get him!

  10. Deb,
    LOL! I would send him UPS, but it's pretty cold out and he's not wearing a shirt. ;)

    Thanks for stopping by today!

  11. I'd have to go with C's lol..Although I'm a sucker for dark hair and blue eyes...I cannot wait to dive into One Rogue Too Many!

  12. I am quirky one for sure!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. I was a split between B's and C's with one A, which sounds just about right for me.

    I can't tell you how happy I was to learn that Lady Gabrielle was getting her own story. When the last series ended she was the one person I still had questions about. So thank you.

  14. Misty,
    How did I know you would pick the quirky answers? ;D

    I'm with you on dark hair. I'm good with any color eyes as long as they are pretty.

  15. Sarah R,
    I knew from my first book that Gabby needed a story. She is probably my favorite heroine to date, but I think her younger sister Lizzie is going to give her some competition. :)

  16. I'm mostly A's with a few C's thrown in. In my reading I love the bad boy - in life not so much. Sounds like a fantastic series!!

  17. Catslady,
    Isn't that the truth?!? Fictional bad boys = yum
    Real life bad boys = What the heck was I thinking? ;)

  18. It would so depend on the day. There are days that I would be all about the As. And then there were days that I would be all about the Cs. haha
    Happy New Year.

  19. One of each; haven't seen some of those shows/movies

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  20. Krazymama,
    How about a bad boy with a quirky sense of humor? The best of both worlds! :)

  21. bn100,

    Are you saying you'll take one of each? ;)

  22. I like the bad boys, they're the most fun. :D

  23. Barbara,
    Bad boys are some of the funnest heroes to write and read, aren't they? :)

  24. Alyn Yang,

    I can't tell you how happy I am to see fellow C'ers in the group. :D

  25. A's - I do love me a bad boy!! Thanks for the chance to win.

    mlawson17 at Hotmail dot com

  26. A's - I do love me a bad boy!! Thanks for the chance to win.

    mlawson17 at Hotmail dot com

  27. Another vote for the bad boy! :)

    Thanks for stopping by, Martha!

  28. Hi Samantha, congrats on the new book! Sounds fabulous and I can't wait to see who Lady Gabrielle will choose! I got mostly Bs, so does that mean I get to keep Anthony for myself if Lady Gabrielle doesn't want him? ;-)

  29. Anita,
    Hahaha… I love a creative solution! :)

  30. I was mostly A's with a B in there too. Thanks for such a fun post!

    1. My pleasure, Sheryl. I'm so glad it has been fun for people. :)

  31. I found that I mostly chose A in answer to the questions.

  32. Sadly, I don't know some of these males you are referring to but I certainly identify with the description that goes with the choice of B. Good luck on the new release and thanks for the fun post!

  33. Hahaha, what a fun quiz :)
    I do love a bad boy, and I have mostly A's. Sebastian here I come!

  34. It was close, but I picked more A's than B's (and no C's).