Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Between a Rake & a Hard Place Launch & Giveaway

Between a Rake and a Hard Place hits the bookstore shelves today! It's the final book in the Royal Rakes series and my final collaboration with romance legend, New York Times best seller Connie Mason. The early reviews of this story have been stellar! 

"Shimmers with romance... Well-rounded characters and effortless plotting make this installment the best in the series." - Publishers Weekly

"A determined man, a stubborn woman and a mad, sensual adventure that will keep readers up all night." - RT BOOK Reviews

Lady Serena's List of Forbidden Pleasures:
Attend an exclusively male club.
Smoke a cigar.
Have a fortune told by gypsies.
Dance the scandalous waltz.

Sir Jonah Sharp thinks Lady Serena Osbourne will be just like any other debutante, and seducing her will be one of the easiest services he's ever done for the Crown. Then he catches her wearing trousers and a mustache in his gentleman's club and she demands he teach her to smoke a cigar. But what will truly be Jonah's undoing is finding out he's an item on her list too, which makes him determined to bring her all the forbidden pleasures she can handle.

What Else is New?
Many of you have followed the exploits of my Vikings in the Songs of the North series. The 3rd and last book has been a long time coming, butDragonsong is finally here! After Queen Moira was left in a disastrous marriage at the end of Erinsong, she gets her own HEA now. But as usually, nothing worth having is ever easy. Love really is the most dangerous journey of all… 

Regin, Son of No Man, believes his heart is as dead as his beloved wife. When his dragonship nearly capsizes a coracle in the pitiless North Sea, he never expected to find a woman far gone with child shivering in the hull. An Irish queen, Moira was set adrift by her dead husband’s brother who couldn’t chance that the child would be a son.
Can a man who’s known too much love and a woman who’s seen too little come together or will Moira’s determination to see her son on his father’s throne tear them apart?

To purchase Dragonsong: Amazon Kindle US | Amazon Kindle UK |Amazon Kindle Canada | Amazon Kindle Germany | Barnes & Noble Nook | Kobo AllRomance eBooks | Smashwords

The Prize
Two lucky commenters will win free reads today. Sourcebooks is graciously offering a print copy of Between a Rake & a Hard Place and I'll send a digital copy of Dragonsong in the winner's choice of Kindle or Nook format. Leave a comment to be entered in both drawings:

I’m a firm believer in the idea that an author only begins a book. It takes a reader’s imagination to finish it. What do you need most from an author to make your reading experience fulfilling--detailed description, engaging plot, endearing characters, or ... you fill in the blank?

Wishing you a 2014 filled with HEA’s,
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  1. I think characters and plot are the most important. With those, your imagination can fill in the rest.

  2. Do you like detailed descriptions of the characters or do you prefer to "cast" them yourself?

    1. Good question! I always thought that I prefered detailed descriptions, but now I am not so sure. I have been reading books lately and everyone has been blond and I just keep wondering why there are no brunettes, redheads, etc. So maybe I don't like it too detailed. However, when it comes to a description of a scar or something of that sort, I think it helps.

  3. Definitely endearing characters. I've read many a book with a lame plot because I loved the characters (and so I didn't notice the plot!).

    1. I'm sort of character-centric myself. I always think the Laura Croft movies are a good example of how you can make a character do all sorts of cool things, but if she isn't likeable, you just don't care.

  4. I have to care about the characters. If I don't, it doesn't matter what happens to them. Congrats on the new release!

  5. Definitely the characters. If I can't connect with them it doesn't matter about plot or anything else. And I have Always connected to your characters and cannot wait to read Between A Rake and A Hard Place. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

    1. Thanks, Carol. My goal is always to create characters who breathe on their own. I often wonder what mischief they're getting into after I type "The End."

  6. Characters & plot but the authors writing style is important to me too as that makes me connect with the characters.

    Congrats on the release!

  7. Good chemistry between hero and heroine. :)

  8. I'm looking forward to reading this final book in your series. I love how history is intertwined with the story in historical romance and this event was certainly fascinating. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  9. As a reader I want characters I can relate to and a story that become so real that I think I've been to that place and know those people. As a writer, I hope to deliver those things to my readers.

  10. strong and smart characters, HEA, no cheating

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

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  12. I like all the things you mentioned. If a book can make me cry and/or laugh then it means it really got to me emotionally. I want to be taken away and historicals seem to do that the best for me but I also like mixed genres.


  13. I adore the cover and title! The book sounds positively juicy. Can't wait!

  14. Another added to my must read list!

  15. I'd like a good description of the characters and to be able to connect with them.

    Marcy Shuler

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    1. Thank you, Mia. Here's my take: a story in any genre or format must revolve around a theme I find interesting. Or better yet, fascinating.

      Does that include romance---which, as you've often stated, is a character-driven genre? With this reader, yes. IMHO, the best way to create interesting characters is to start with an interesting theme.

      It's also the best way to create an interesting plot. And to me, plot matters. A well-written plot and well-written characters go hand-in-hand. To me there's no such thing as a story in which the plot is weak but the characters fascinate me.

      But wait, there's more. In order for me to become engrossed in a story from the get-go, there must be a protagonist I can readily identify with who's deeply involved in an interesting situation.

      And to keep me reading, it helps if both the protagonist and the author think outside the box. Some readers, writers, and editors love formulas. I don't.

      I realize I'm hardly a typical romance reader. But the genre is huge and full of subgenres. And changing all the time. There should be something for everyone.

      Keep up the good work!

  17. I have to have engaging characters that I want to get to know. I also want an interesting plot, maybe some suspense or a mystery to solve.
    Thanks for the chance and congrats on the release.

  18. Some detail is necessary in descriptions, but I do like when a author leaves something to my imagination -- after all, it needs something to do or it will get me in trouble.

    The main components for drawing me into and completely enjoying a book are the engaging plot and endearing characters. Without them, I just can't care about the book. :-)

  19. OOh, those sound like winner stories! I like when there is a little left to the imagination, so I can come up with more details. :)
    lattebooks at hotmail dot com