Wednesday, December 4, 2013

You Never Forget Your Second Guy.... by Grace Burrowes

This week marks the launch of the seventh Regency romance in my Lonely Lords series, Andrew: Lord of Despair. I love this guy, because from one perspective, he's the fellow who whispered in my ear, "What if you could BE a writer?"

Andrew's older brother, Gareth: Lord of Rakes, was my first completed historical romance manuscript. Gareth, who launched last month, is a wicked, tortured fellow--a rake charged with teaching a spinster to run a brothel. OF COURSE Felicity, the spinster, ends up teaching him to be a gentleman all over again  instead. Much fun, and throughout that story, Felicity's younger sister Astrid cast lures at Andrew, who despite plans to travel extensively on the Continent, exerted his considerable charm in Astrid's direction.

As I was wrapping up Gareth's story, Andrew kept giving me the broody-guy eye.
"So," I say, "What's your problem? This book is over and you're off to Italy or the fleshpots of Egypt, for reasons I do not understand, seeing as there's a war on. Shoo your handsome self. I have revising to do."
His expression goes from broody to exasperated.
"Something you wanna say to me, Your Broody-ship? Wasn't my idea for you to beat feet."
"She's seventeen," he tells me--like that's my fault? "Astrid can't be a romance heroine until she's twenty-one. I have to scarper or I'll end up in a YA or a New Adult and I don't even know what those are."
"I know what they are," says me. "If you wait four years to come home, she'll be married to somebody else. Astrid might like the cut of your jib, but she's not cooling her heels for another four years while you get over your bad self."
"She ought to marry somebody else," he mutters, heading for the door. "That's exactly what she should do."
"Get back here! You spent the last 400 pages making goo-goo eyes at Astrid, and now you're banishing yourself? That makes no sense when you're arse over teakettle in love with her. WHY WOULD YOU WALK OUT ON THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE???"
"If you want to know the answer to that, you'll HAVE TO WRITE THE BOOK, won't you?"

He gives me the kind of wink only a broody guy can pull off, and away he goes, to Portugal and who knows where, while I wrassle with my first ever sequel.
And in the sequel lies the seed of a career, doesn't it?
So I owe much to Andrew, who challenged me to shift my self-image from Somebody Who Finished a Manuscript, to Somebody Who Could Write Professionally. It took the additional efforts of maybe sixteen more heroes and heroines to move me further down the continuum, to Somebody Who Dreams of Being Published, but Andrew inspired me to move beyond the first step.

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Who inspired you to go beyond a first step? If a next step lies before you, what would move you closer to your dreams, what would help you take that step?

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  1. I so loved reading your post!
    Talking things out always lead me to taking that step. Doubts in your head are crushing; doubts said out loud lead to action. I somehow find the confidence when I finally get out of my own head, get out of my own way, and step forward :-)


  2. Thank goodness for Andrew's persistence and arguing! I can't imagine shelves with no Grace Burrowes on them! Who inspired me to go beyond that first step? A character named Seth Thomas in a book that's never been published. I'd worked with it and worked with it for nigh on to twenty years and finally Seth kicked me out. He told me quite bluntly that he was not going to talk to me anymore so to get on down the road and write something else.

  3. I am so glad that Andrew pushed you to take that first step. I love your books. My husband is always pushing me to take that step forward.


  4. The Devil made me do it. Seriously! My first book, entitled Cookbook from Hell, was about the devil having a mid-life crisis: after 4 billion years of cleaning up after God's messes, she's sick of it. She forced me to write my first novel, and has since made me redraft her novel and add another Saviors 101. Right now she's over in the wings nudging, but I'm having too much fun writing romance...of course, she isn't known for her patience. :)

  5. Chelsea--interesting. Almost every author I know will approach a book problem by finding somebody to talk it over with, and I've been known to do the same.

    Carolyn, I wonder what Seth's up to now, and if he might reconsider his position? I'm sure your readers (that includes me) would love to read him!

    Crtstal--Good for Mr. Crystal! If you have only one cheerleader, how nice that it can be the DH.

  6. I don't know why but reading your post brought a giggle out of me. Andrew sure is a persistent fellow and I'm glad that he is.

    My parents inspires me to go beyond with everything I do. I'm a first generation in America in my family and with my parents never going to college or having an education, I want to be able to complete college with a degree for them. Everything I do now is so I don't fail them when they had inspired me for so long.

  7. It may sound funny, but an idiot at college. He was supposed to be my adviser and told me I was too stupid to be a teacher and I should try something easier in home ec. I went to Home ec and got that degree in Human Development and Family Studies with an emphasis in child development. Then went back and got my teaching degree. I am a certified teacher, and I guess I did it to prove him wrong.

  8. I LOVE reading your books! Since I first picked up the Soldier and became drawn into his story, I knew that I had found a new and fabulous author! Thank you for doing what you do!

  9. Goodness. His Broody-ness sounds like quite the handful. But once again it is those secondary characters who make a book.
    My inspiration for picking up the keyboard was a found again friend from Junior High School, whom I hadn't seen nor spoke with in 35 years. After finding out she was a victim of child abuse, a story popped into my head, and she pressed me to write it, a la historical romance style.

  10. This will sound so cliche, but for the last 10 months I have been fighting the battle of my life and it has awakened me to all the things I want to do. So I guess breast cancer has been my push. I have always been happy just being a stay at home mom and I still am, but I've also realized that there are some other things I want to do, before its too late. This cancer is not going to kill me, but one day my life will be over and I want to have done things that I've always just sat back and said...Well, it might be exciting to try that someday. There are little things I want to do, like go ziplining and there are bigger things, like maybe going back to school. My sons are growing up, I've only got them for a few more years, then I'll have to figure out what to do with myself, so why not start now!

  11. I am glad you took that first step, too. Your books and characters are amazing!
    My Dad advised me to find something that you love and figure out how to do it!
    I knew I had to find something to occupy myself when my daughter stepped on the grammar school bus and did not look back!
    I love dogs and have co-owned several champions. The big step for me is getting out and showing myself in local and national venues.

  12. I loved this post, and I absolutely love your "Lonely Lords" series, and your other books too.

    The person who inspired me to take that first step was my Auntie Ada. She always championed me and was always there for me when my steps faltered. She's in heaven now, but I still feel her beside me cheering me on.


  13. I've been wanting to know why Andrew left since finishing Gareth's book. I can't wait to read this one! But I say that about all your books.
    I've actually been lucky in my career to have had wonderful supervisors that mentored me and pushed me to the next level. Their affirmation was all I needed to try new schools and new positions.

  14. Fate kicked me into a next step when I wouldn't take it myself. I was in a job I hated, working outrageous hours with people I didn't like. Still, I'd worked there for twenty years. True, it was nothing like the firm I started with, but I couldn't throw twenty years down the drain. Poof! Company goes bust. I have no choice but to start over. Now I'm at a small company (with a small salary) but I LIKE the people I work with, the job doesn't take my evenings along with my days, and, they seem to like me too! Thank you, Fate.
    bonnieblue at wowway dot com

  15. Love your books so far, trying to catch up to your current release. So far I have fallen in love with all the characters.

    My life in general made me take the steps to where I have become. With her being a single mother of 4 kids, it was everything she took to take care of us. I grew up telling myself, when I grow up I want to better myself and make sure my kids better theirs elves, not just with money but with knowledge and know-how. So far I think I have achieved my goals, I am not rich by any means, but I live with a paycheck and not waiting on a check to just get the essentials like my mom did, no fault to her she tried everything she could and she raised us up just fine, but I made sure I took the steps to move up and keep going and not live in the circle of the families before me.

    With each passing day, I challenge myself to keep going and hopefully one day I will be able to retire and just live life instead of working the long hours that I do.

    Thank you for your inspiration blogs and your books, your stories take me away from reality for a bit.

  16. Amazon is "Shipping Now" my copy of Andrew! I love your books and look forward to each one as they come out!!
    Oh, how I would LOVE to win an iPad!!

  17. I'm in the middle of reading it right now! LOVE all the Lonely Lords! Thank you for the introduction to all of them.

  18. I am so glad you had that conversation with Andrew and then wrote his book, which is one of my favorites.

    I am slowly but surely taking steps to do something I love. My boys take up most of my time and they should but they have a funny way of getting older and more independent with each passing year and I find I have a little more time on my hands to pursue some of my dreams or maybe make a new one. I've started writing again and working on some other book related things.
    Carolyn, wasn't Seth Thomas a clock maker? I would love to read a book with a main character named Seth, as it is one my boys' names.
    Grace, you don't have to enter me into the contest for numerous reasons but one being, four boys and one iPad would not a happy household make.

  19. My husband, my best friend, is my champion. He sees in me what I don't, as I am my own worst enemy.

  20. That was quite humorous! Andrew certainly knows his romance sub genres well :)

    Love your books Grace. I've not started this series yet but I love the Windhams.

    I hvn't plucked up the courage to take that 1st step yet :(

  21. Reading romance novels is great fun—such fun that I thought one day that it would probably be great fun to write them too.
    I was right. It is great fun. Now when I sit there with a blank expression on my face and someone says, "Why are you just sitting there doing nothing?" I can reply, haughtily, "I'm PLOTTING."

  22. This encourages me as someday I want to rewrite the first book I wrote, the one that I wouldn't dare submit in it's current state. I love the characters but have revised the storyline and learned to become that professional writer (working on getting published!)

  23. I am so glad that you got that push to follow your dreams. I would hate to think that I would have missed out on all your wonderful characters.

    I ride the fence with my dreams until I am pushed one way or the other. My husband is my biggest cheerleader.

  24. Chasing ones dreams is never a mistake. Way to go, Grace!!! Off to share in cyberspace...

  25. You always get me thinking and I love that about you, well I love your books too, of course. My grandmother is/was the person that made me want to be a better me.

  26. My brother told me about a month ago that I should be writing. I've played with the idea for years but never spoke of it. The same day, an author told me I should be writing.

    My brother sent me an email this week, saying a laptop is on its way for Christmas.
    I'm not used to being encouraged. I'm going to grab it with both hands and fly!

  27. It was the people I worked with who said "You should be the director - you'd be amazing at the job' - not one, but many, who moved me to apply. And I got the job, and I loved it, and I WAS amazing. I am just glad that Gareth pushed you too the next step, because you and your books are amazing, too.

  28. So nice of you all to stop by, but as usual, I've put up a blog on a day when I don't have a lot of freedom to respond to comments. I AM reading them, and I WILL respond later today. Just need to impersonate a lawyer here for a few hours....

  29. I always chuckle when I read about an authors relationship with their characters and how they have 'voices' that push & pull the author to shape the story. Good for Andrew - Thank him from all your readers the next time he's around.
    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  30. The most recent person to push me was my ex-boss. She had a way about her that was conniving and yet she could be full of praise. She pushed me because I couldn't take working for her anymore, at times it was like she was 2 or 3 different people. In part, I owe my next job opportunity to her.

  31. my mom

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  32. I just read Andrew last night all in one sitting. Told my husband not to talk to me, and stayed up much to late. So Good!!!

  33. I will never understand how you combine lawyering and writing. As a former litigation paralegal (25 years) I hardly had time to read. However, in retirement I found romance novels, specifically regency historicals, which I now collect (over 2500 paperbacks). So what was my first step? Walk away from the grind. Go outside and learn to play tennis. I never want to spend any time indoors. I would love an iPad to take outdoors with me. Thanks for all of your stories; I own each and every one in all kinds of forms.

  34. My husband and kids pushed me forward into that next step. I had stepped into an entry level position when the kids didn't need me at home anymore. My boss offered me a promotion fairly early on and I was hesitant since I didn't feel that I knew enough, had enough experience, or would be able to step into management from that entry level position in the eyes of my colleagues. But I made my step forward and didn't land on my face. Love my job and am glad my family encouraged me to take the chance at it.

  35. Thank God for Andrew's persistence. Absolutely love all your books, especially brooding heroes! I have to thank my high school business teachers for pushing me further along. I guess I would also have to say my husband of 40+ years has also been there to give me a boost, too. I wouldn't be the person I am today without him!

  36. My grandmother was my rock as a kid growing up, always making me go forward with things. But, as an adult it is my children and husband. They make me want to keep going.

  37. I can't wait to spend my holidays with all of the Lonely Lords...Looking forward to Andrew!

  38. I would love to say that I've read and LOVE this book---but alas----it's in the "to be wrapped and not opened until Christmas" pile. Sniff, just have to wait! At least hubby ordered it for me!

  39. Thanks for the glimpse into the plots of these two books and your life as an author. As far as your question goes, I tend to be self-motivating. My family gives me the confidence to try, but I tend to push myself.

  40. I've had "someone" whispering in my ear for many years, "WHEN will you tell my story??".

    I get SO twitchy and antsy when I start writing...I haven't been able to persevere.

    I ordered one of your books (it will be my first by you) from Amazon and received it a few days ago. As soon as I finish the SEP book I'm reading, I'm diving in!

  41. I always just ask myself two questions: First question is "what's the worst that can happen?. Then I think of the worst that can happen, this way I am prepared for it. Second is I ask myself: Do you want to spend the rest of your life like this? The answer is either yes or no. Can't really debate that. I always think of the pro's and con's and include what my heart is telling me. And I figure,you only live once so may as well go for it!!!!

  42. My mom inspired me to pursue my goofy dreams. Thanks babe!

  43. My kids inspired me to take the step I needed. I needed to be a good example and role model for them. They had their soldier Dad to look up to but what was I? A stay at home mom who never went to college. I haven't taken the college road yet (but it is only a couple steps away!)and I am still a stay at home Mom but I have shown my boys that my job and responsibility are just as important as any other job. I have taught them how to volunteer, teach, learn, help others, be observant, be kind and thoughtful and most importantly- how to stay true to who you are and what you believe in. :)

  44. This looks great!!! Cannot wait to check this series out!

  45. Oh, I'm almost finished with Gareth who I love and am going to have to get Andrew!!Don't think I've had anyone that has helped me take those first steps really but I've taken a few on my own although I should have taken a lot more!


  46. My parents were a great source of encouragement for a much younger me. Both would subtly challenge me with lots of "Why not?" types of questions. I also was inspired just observing their individual successes. I owe them much credit for whatever accomplishments I've had. And I still thank God every day for the gift of these two special folks.

  47. Congrats on the new release, Grace. Those who push me to go beyond the first step are usually my family and friends and sometimes it's a coworker that I've shared my thoughts with.

    janie1215 AT excite DOT com

  48. My favourite hero of yours Grace . Glad he told you to write . It was reading your books and discovering a love of Georgian and regency history that has inspired me to try my hand at writing . I haven't got far yet as i keep getting distracted. Robert , my hero is getting quite cross with me as he wants his story told "

  49. Just received my copy in the mail. Plan to start tonight. My grandfather pushed me to be more. He told me from the time I could walk that I would go to college. I was the first woman in my family to graduate.

  50. I enjoyed your conversation with Andrew and hearing about how you got started. I wondered about the order in which you wrote your books since they have all been published in such a short period of time. I love all of your books!
    I have such a wonderful time reading them.

  51. My mom always told us to be the best we could be, always try hard.

  52. Thank you, Andrew, for pushing Grace to do her magic. The fellow who always pushes me one step further is my precious husband of 46 years (but who's counting?).

  53. ML--WHAT a phenomenal premise. You know, you don't have to work on just one book at a time... or two or three.

    Sandy, I'm sure your parents are very proud of you, and you should be proud of yourself too. A college degree still has a significant positive effect on your earning capability and you won't regret all the hard work you're putting in now.

    Regencygirl, WHAT an idiot! What a disgrace to the profession! And yet, I have an academic advisor to thank for the fact that I became a lawyer, not a paralegal.

    Marisa, you're welcome, and I'll tell St. Just you said hello. (He pops up in The Captive, coming out next summer).

    Nancy, wonderful tale. The reunion happened for at least two very good reasons. So what's the title?

    Rhiannon, I'm so glad you can say, "this thing isn't going to be what takes me out." Well fought! And yeah, that bucket list is for NOW, not when somebody wants to make a movie of our lives.

    Susan, what a marvelous place to put your energy! And then there's judging dog shows, and managing dog shows, and volunteering at dogs show... a whole community, and dog people are usually such a nice group to spend time with. Best of luck!

    Diane D, I have 15 nieces and nephews plus a crop of grands. I hope I can an encourager to them all like your Auntie Ada.

    KNYE--a good boss, particularly early in life, is a wonderful blessing. I had a good boss during law school, and I still recall some of the things he said.

    Bonnie, we get to riding tigers, and forget there are nice, dependable steeds we could take out for a hack instead. Glad you had the gumption to find something better--they're lucky to have you!

    Burgie, your mom is doubtless proud of you. I don't want to retire, though. I work long hours at this writing job, and I want to keep working those long hours and enjoying every one of them. I want YOU to retire, so you have more time to read books!

    Betty, I wish I could GIVE everybody an iPad. Hope you and Andrew get along.

    Debra, these are my foundation swains. It has been wonderful for me to see how many people enjoy them as much as I do.

    Sarah, OK... I'm working with Danielle the Wonder Publicist now to set up a multi-iPad giveaway blog tour for the release of "The MacGregor's Lady." We're working on involving other Casablanca authors (Carolyn Brown, your ears burning?) so watch this space for details...

    Maria, I'd be very surprised if you weren't his best friend too.

    Linda, the Windhams strut onto the stage in Douglas's book, and we see a fair amount of Val and some of Westhaven in David's. I was in my late forties before I started writing... sometimes, you need a running start on that first step, but I hope you do take it.

    Lil--EXACTLY! And if writing one novel is fun, writing two is double fun, right?

    Di S--I did thank him, but Astrid was in the room. I don't think he heard me.

    Jen, what an interesting construction to put on a toxic situation. You bring to mind that term, "mixed message," which is powerful tool in the hands of a manipulator. Glad you moved on and UP.

  54. Grace, . Um, I have three series running at the moment: on-going Night Stalkers, the new spin-off Firehawk!, wrapping up my Angelo's Hearth contemp series, and thinking about... oh crap! Where's a Regency when I need one? Oh, yours! Excellent! Needed a good break! :)

  55. Ah never fail to fascinate me. I adore your story telling and process. Someday I'll give you a big hug. You and Karen Ranney inspire me to achieve all I can be. You inspire me to take the next step! Thank you my author friend.

  56. Your post was wonderful, I enjoyed reading it. I've had quite a few people that have inspired me, especially my older sister. I look at her as a role model and I try to follow in her foot steps.

  57. I've always been more of a thinker than a doer. Ideas are my beginning, middle and end and in that way I guess I am an author! About 4 years ago I joined a service organization, Altrusa International, which has been a lifeline for my 50th decade. I've met a group of capable, caring men and women, who have encouraged me to challenge myself in leadership, in personal growth and in serving others. It is amazing what acceptance, support and opportunity can do for you! Ms. Grace, I trust your nimble typing fingers and expansive storytelling capacity will turn out an abundant array of new titles once your backlog has been exhausted. I am used to a new Grace Burrowes story when I want one!

  58. well, I am old, but 50th decade? sorry there's no edit option here

  59. Tracy, best of luck with the publication dream. It has never been easier to get published, never been easier to reach readers, even for that "different" book that could well be the next blockbuster bestseller. Keep us posted!

    Missy, my family nudged me frequently, "When are you going to get That Stuff published?" Oh, yeah. Right. Think I might have time on Tuesday... but they meant well and believed in me.

    Thanks, Sara!

    Mary John, that first baby might have had something to do with finding the heroine within, too!

    Mary--may I commend your excellent taste in brothers? If you're thinking about writing romance, and you ever have questions, I'm just an email away (goes for all you writin' buddies out there).

    Polly, glad you stepped up--the team was already behind you, and those are the best teams to lead.

    bn100 I bet many of us could say the same thing. Our parents, yes, but especially, our moms.

    mk--OK, now you owe hubs some reparation. Ask Andrew for a few suggestions.

    AT, for one thing, I'm a child welfare attorney, and in that courtroom, you do see the occasional miracle, but you also really, really, REALLY need the happily ever afters. So I started making them up... Then too, I have no TV, no kids underfoot, no spouse tramping on my tail. Writing makes me happy, so...

    Lil--Good for you, and good for the boss who saw the potential in you, and the family who knew you'd succeed.

    Sharon, for me it was a junior high English teacher. He was a grouch, but he repeatedly told me I wrote well. Dedicated my first book in part to him.

    Kelly, I think about my daughter, who's 25. Just as I'm still learning from the example of my 90 year old parents, I hope she can learn by watching me for all the time yet to come.

    Anon--I think I'll be spending my holidays with Tremaine St. Michael and Nita Haddonfield. Yes, that sounds like fun...


  60. Anon2--Donna, Andrew would tell you anticipation makes for greater enjoyment. Astrid would tell him he's full of meadow muffins.

    Kim, good for you. You probably get a lot accomplished, and take the very best paths to get there. Even so, the occasional imaginary friend can make the process more fun... for some of us.

    Grammabecket, you expect me to measure up to SEP?! Geesh, no pressure. You might try dictating your books so you don't have to sit in one place to "write" them. I have one friend who works best this way--her hip won't let her sit much. I recently bought a treadmill desk, and am hoping to learn to use it for much of the day.

    Sabrina Taylor, that kind of thinking is how I ended up in Scotland three times, with a fourth in the works. Great minds!

    Mary Jo Burke, who inspired your mom? I see in my family a long line of determined women, some of whom I never met, and yet they're part of me too.

    Kylan, that staying true to your beliefs is an enormous legacy to bequeath to any kid. I commend your priorities, and know you will soon be enrolled in college. The classes you take will be enriched for your presence.

    Roberta, hope you enjoy the Lonelys. You're lucky to come upon them when most of the series is already available.

    Jeanne, there's still time for a lot more steps. As noted above, I didn't publish my first book until I was 50, my sister just got her PhD at 64, and PD Chang is still writing beautiful books in her 90s. C'mon girlfriend...

    Jane, sounds like you have an enviably broad group of supporters, which means you're probably a supportive person yourself. Well done!

    Jayne, so glad you're writing! And yes, heroes seem to think not only the book but the universe revolves around them. Fortunately, in a few hundred pages flat, the heroines can teach them reality.

    LSU, I was not a perfect fit with my parents, but by the time I became a parent myself (you know what I'm about to write) I could see that Mom and Dad meant well, and loved me dearly. The results didn't matter as much as the good intentions, and that makes it a little easier for me to accept my own less than perfect parenting track record.

    Kathleen--Go Grandpa! My mom didn't finish college, but my Dad took a position that made college affordable for all seven of his kids. THAT was a huge break for every one of us and I think he had some of your Grandfather's conviction: YOU and you and you... are going to college.

    Anonymous--I think Barbara Cartland could write a book a month or so, but I haven't heard of anybody else pulling that off. I don't write particularly quickly, but I have more free time than a lot of other writers for revisions and polishing, so I can work on several books in different stages of completion at once.

    Louise--another vote for mom! My mom also told us, "Just do your best. That's the most even God can ask of you." Bless our moms.

    Diane B, here's to choosing well in the husband department--and to 46 more years (my parents are at... 68 years and counting).

  61. So glad that Andrew pushed you. I love your books. There are days that I wonder if I did enough to make the most of myself. I am happy in my life and I can't imagine it any other way. Thanks for such a great post

  62. I'm glad Andrew pushed you. I push myself when I get in the mood... LOL! Like one day I just looked at my house and decided every room needed to be a different shade of purple! AND... now they are! (AND they look fabulous!) Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. My neighbor, Winnie, was my mentor. She went back to work at the age of 50. She was intelligent, humorous, and fun loving. I miss her smile and her advice.

    I also went back to work recently. At first I found it scary. Now I love the friends I've made, both my workmates and the customers too.

    I hope to do some traveling one day soon.

  64. SO glad that Andrew gave you that nudge to become a "professional" writer! LOVE all your books!

    And when I realized that *this* Andrew was *Gareth's* brother, Andrew, I just did a JIG of joy! Loved him in "Gareth" and very happy that he has his own story. Yay for Andrew & Astrid getting together! :-)

    My nudge for stepping out of my comfort zone has been my cancer journey over the past 14 months. Each day is precious to me now in a way it never was before, and I don't want to waste a single minute of it. :-)

    That's why I've become much freer at the piano, composing for myself now where I felt like I couldn't before, exploring jazz (classically trained musician here), and being willing to make mistakes where I wasn't before. :-)

  65. I love reading your books! What inspires me most is to impose myself some challenges. My husband is often there to encourage me and to say "you can do it". I always try to do my best! I can't wait to read Andrew's story, my son's name, which in French is André.

  66. Oh wow, I so loved reading your post. I'm also a big fan of reading series so please keep them coming.
    kac_030 @ yahoo . com

  67. my what an ornery & sneaky guy to get you to change your view & keep on writing ;) sounds like the kind of moves family & good friends are likely to use to get one off their butt & tackling possibilities ;)

  68. Oh Ms. Grace Burrowes! Your covers and blurbs make a lady swoon! ;)

  69. What a great post. Very entertaining. :)
    I don't really have much in my life that inspires me necessarily, except for perhaps some books. I live vicariously through books, so I let them inspire me.

  70. Fortunately, one of the nuns at my grammar school took a shy student and encouraged me to do all kinds of things that never would have occurred to me. Thanks for your wonderful post!

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  72. I love that! So glad Andrew pushed you! For me, it's always been my sister that's pushed me to better and make something of myself.

    ahui89 at hotmail dot com

  73. I had some really great teachers in high school that pushed me towards my goal. Without their guidance and support, I don't think I would have chosen the path I have in my life!!

    How wonderful Andrew got your career going!


  74. Good Golly - His Broody ness? I will be forever grateful to Andrew for making you tell his story. This is one of those that really sent me into the realm of “STOP-DON’T LEAVE ME” - It was a big juicy hunk of very prime STEAK cooked to perfection.........I gobbled it up way too fast and will go back and savor it over again.

  75. Actually it has been my SO and my best friend, where I have always have been unsure and not so confident. They both have given me the encouragement to continue on with whatever I really wanted to do. Without them I don't think I would have accomplished anything.


  76. I had a good laugh when I read your post. I was given the chance to take the next step. I was scared that I would mess up so bad. But I know that if I did not at least try. I would hate myself with what ifs. My other half is the one that inspired me to reach for the stars. I have been very happy with my decision and with him by my side I know that if something does not go like I want. Thats Okay, because no matter life has handed me I know that I have a lot of love always coming my way

  77. I'd like to come up with a poignant reason, but really what has always pushed me to take steps with my writing career is eerily similar to your story. My characters simply will not shut up until their stories are told. :)