Saturday, December 7, 2013

Enough with the White Christmas Already!

from Mia Marlowe...

I'm back in the Midwest for a visit and got caught in the wicked ice storm/blizzard that cut across the Ozarks yesterday and today. We barely made it in last night, creeping through near white out conditions on icy roads.

I know what you're thinking. Why on earth did we set out in the storm? The answer is we didn't. The sun was shining when we started, but about 100 miles from our destination, conditions deteriorated rapidly. Our alternative was to hole up in a flea bag motel along the way and expect to be eating out of vending machines for a few days while the south digs itself out.

So we pressed on and the time honored quote was proven true. God does protect innocents and fools. (If you've read my books, you know I'm not innocent!) But we're safe and sound, albeit with spotty internet. We're not going anywhere. It's a great day to put on a big pot of vegetable soup and catch up on those movies you've got recorded but never seem to have time to watch. If you lose power, do you pick up a deck of cards or a board game to play with the kids? Or pick up the next book on your TBR pile...

What do you like to do on snow days?

And for those of you still in the path of this storm as it heads east, don't do as we did. Flea bag motels are at least safe and warm. ;-) 


  1. Books, movies, and cuddling with a purring cat are my favorite things to enjoy on snow days. Oh, and soup. I have at least a dozen soup recipes.

  2. With single digit temps and 8.5 inches of snow, that pot of vegetable soup sounds good! Must go make some...

  3. We are iced/snowed in here in southern Oklahoma, too. If we don't run out of power, I'll be working on a rewrite all day...if we do, I'll work until the battery power plays out in my lap top and then read until dark. I'm not one much for the flea bag hotels or vending machine food either but if our power goes out I'll be out there hunting one since we live in a total electric house! Glad you are safe and warm...soup sounds good. I have a pot already made...kidney bean soup that's good and heavy for days like this!

  4. So glad you made it through safely. I guess since I live in PA we pretty much carry on as normal lol. The only time I get to settle in with a storm is when we lose electricity. Then it's reading, games(that's when the children were still at home) and lantern light!

  5. Happy to read you made it home safely.

    I live in a suburb of Phoenix, AZ and we don't get snow. Every great once in a while it will fall but melts as soon as it hits the ground. Last year we had a cold front move through and we got this stuff called graupel that actually stuck to the ground and people were going crazy. And of course most everyone was calling it snow. It's quite entertaining around here when we do have weather that isn't dry and hot.

  6. We rarely have snow days in Atlanta. When we do, I try to huddle by the fire and read.

    That soup sounds lovely.